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Sleep, Shut Down and Restart your MacBook

Sara Omran

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Shut down, Sleep and Restart are the commands of Mac OS X that you need to use to handle the business away from computer. All of the mentioned options produce a different functional reaction from MacBook. All these 3 appear on friendly Apple menu on top left side corner of Desktop.


You do not need a bedtime story or a glass full of water when you put your Mac to Sleep. It is an effective power-saving mode allowing the user to instantly return to their work later. Turning on your MacBook from the sleep mode is way faster that restarting or booting it. Sleep mode also conserves the battery power on MacBook.

Depending on your chosen settings in System Preferences, the MacBook can spin-down hard drives and power-down your monitor to save the wear and tear of hardware. You can also set your MacBook OS X to enter sleep mode automatically after a specific amount of keyboard and track-pad inactivity.

In order to awake your sleeping computer, simply poke the track-pad or press any button on your keyboard. The best thing about Savvy MacBook is that you can put it to sleep mode simply by closing the laptop, and wake it up by opening it again.


Use this option if MacBook starts acting strangely hindering your work. For example, if your USB port suddenly locks up or the FireWire drive stops responding. Naturally, the first thing you need to do is to save your ongoing work if you can and then press restart.

You can also go for this option when you switch MacBook to Windows partition or you switch the start-up volumes using Boot Camp. Apple software updates and some other applications require a restart once they are installed in your MacBook.

Shut Down

When you are ready to finish your work on your laptop and pack things up, use this option to shut your laptop down. Most of the Mac applications prompt you automatically to save the changes that you have made in documents before the laptop actually gets turned off.

If you have configured your Mac to disable the option for automatic login, you also can shut down MacBook from login screen too.

Besides Apple menu command, the MacBook also have one Power key on keyboard that can be pressed to display the dialog box with Restart, Shut Down and Sleep buttons. In case you decide to change your mind and tie up the loose ends before leaving, make a click on Cancel button in order to return to your ongoing work.

The option to Resume is also workable with certain individual applications. When you decide to Quit Preview, OS X Lion saves your current state of ongoing work. When you re-launch Preview again, the window you were viewing before is displayed again. Note that the application must be written specially for Lion in order to support Resume.


  • New Resume feature of Lion come into action when you restart, shut down or log out your MacBook. Click the check box saying ‘Reopen Windows When Logging Back In’ to restore the state of MacBook's desktop for the next time.
  • Use each option of Restart, Shut Down and Sleep to suit the requirement of your work. But make sure to save your ongoing work before selecting any of these options.

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