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Identifying Secure Websites With Safari 6

Sara Omran

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Make sure that a site is an encrypted one when you are using it for your financial or private information. While using Safari, when you visit an encrypted website, Safari checks the certificate of that site and also compares it with the certificates which are legitimate. It displays a message for warning if it does not recognize the certificate of the site.

Safari also runs a check on the lists of sites which are identified by the security services as fraudulent. If you visit or attempt to visit any such site, Safari displays a message of warning.

Find the security button

There is a small security button near left end of search and address field. Presence of this button means that the site uses HTTPS protocol and also has digital identity certificate. The information is encrypted in order to keep it hidden or private as it is sent from or to the website. A security button which shows a lock icon on the inside can be green or gray. A green button means that the site has an EV (Extended Validation) certificate, which needs extensive identity verification as compared to a standard certificate. The green button also show name of the certificate owner. And the gray security button is present on the websites which have a standard certificate. You can click on the security button to view contents of certificate of the website.

If available, connect to a secure connection.

Incase there is no security button displayed for a site, it may be because you have been given choice between an insecure and a secure connection while logging in on the website. Go back to page where you attempted logging in and then check for link to the encrypted login. It is always best to use encrypted login even if it is not desired by you to view the private information just to ensure that the login information which you enter is private.

Responding to the certificate warning

Firstly, click Show Certificate in order to inspect it for any suspicious information. Then look at the message which says that the certificate was signed by some un-trusted user or it is not trusted. If you see such a message, do not visit the site and click cancel.

You can also click on the triangle to view details. This can be done to ensure that the organization and name matches the organization or person who owns the site. If you see anything unusual or unexpected, click Cancel and refrain from visiting that site.

However, if you continue, double check the website address in Safari toolbar just to confirm the correct address of the desired page. The name of site should not be misspelled as some fraudulent sites commit fraud by changing 1 or 2 letters of the original site's address.

Responding to the warning that a webpage is fraudulent

If you get a warning from Safari that the website you are attempting to visit is fraudulent, simply don't visit such a site. If you are of opinion that the displayed warning message is actually in error, you should contact the website administrator or the owner for information regarding this matter. Never provide personal or secure information at any site unless you are very sure that the website is secure.

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