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What operating Systems will your printer work with?

Denny Welker

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A Couple years ago I was on my way home from the store, excited to get my first ever wireless printer up and running. I pulled in the driveway and smashed my way through the front door. I felt like a kid on Christmas as my inner child and nerd were let out. I got the printer all hooked up and plugged in but I noticed one flaw when I was setting it up. As I plugged it into my computer, there was no indication that I had plugged a printer in. What could be wrong? So I searched, power on, check. All of the cords plugged in? Check. That’s when I felt like a dummy, I forgot to install the drivers! Whew I know it was something simple. I reached into the box and grabbed the CD, inserting it into the computers tray. Disc loading, and then I came across an error that I knew too well. This was a Windows install disc. My computer is a Mac. (For those that don’t know there are many different computer operating systems. All of which are different from one another and programs are not cross compatible due to different coding. ) I had overlooked one of the most important factors when buying a printer; does it work with my computer? If you’re not using Windows this is a very real concern for you in all of your computer programs whether it be, printers, USB drives, and just software in general. The printer I purchased was not Mac compatible and therefore needed to be returned. Apple computers have gotten a much bigger foothold with its Mac OS computers now so development is more prevalent. Here is a list of operating systems with their Printer functionality, everything from computers to tablets to phones.

Windows: Every Printer is Compatible with Windows

Mac: Almost every printer, works perfect with Mac. Older printers being the exception.

Linux: Linux support is growing but still in it's infancy.

Android (phone): Most new printers suport Android Printing.

Android (Tablet): Most new printers suport Android Printing.

iPhone: Apple AirPrint is found on almost every new printer.

iPad:Apple AirPrint is found on almost every new printer.

Windows Phone:Limited Printer support

HP E-Print: Almost all HP printers support it.

Google Cloud Print: Any device that has Chrome installed.

These are great ways to Pick the right printer


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Operating Systems - Linux or Windows? Long Live UBUNTU!
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