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Extending Battery Life Of Mac

Sara Omran

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With just a little care, you can now maximize the lifespan and battery life of your MacBook. Following are a few points that can help you in doing so:

  • Restore the Energy Saver defaults
    First step that you should take for making sure that you get the most from your battery is to restore the setting of Energy Saver to its default values. For this, you need to open System Preferences and then select the Energy Saver option. Make sure that settings of Battery are exposed and then click on the Restore Defaults.

    It will turn off the Mac if you do not use it for 10 minutes, the display off right after 2 minutes, din the display slightly when on the battery power and allow hard disk to go to sleep when needed. Keep in mind that you should not enable the power nap as it would consume the power even when the MacBook is sleeping.

  • Dim all lights
    It includes dimming the keyboard and screen lights.

    Function keys that are present on your keyboard are best place for adjusting brightness of both. The display should be as low as tolerable and turn off the keyboard backlight if you can. Be sure that your MacBook is not set to automatically adjust the brightness in System Preferences for Display. This is the same for Keyboard preferences as it is useless to have the MacBook itself adjust keyboard brightness in the low light if it was intended to stay off.

  • Detach the peripherals
    Keep in mind that you do not leave the SD cards in attached USB thumb drives or SD card slot. Do not charge the iPad or iPhone by tethering it to the MacBook either.

    As a matter of fact, almost anything which is attached to the Mac would increase drain on the battery and therefore it shortens the battery life. Only peripheral that can cut down on the power consumption of Mac is the headphones. They will at least switch off the internal speakers which are more power hungry.

  • Do not stream, download
    If you want to listen to music or watch videos online, do so locally. Streaming music, flash and the video services wirelessly may run the battery down fast so it is important that you download the media files first.
  • Adjust the security settings
    Since your MacBook now goes to sleep so you will be turning off the your screen more often.

    You may want to change the security settings at this point so that it does not require a password immediately.

  • There are many benefits of increasing your battery life. For instance, if you are going out with your friends and you need to take your laptop along, then you would need a good battery life of Mac.

    There would be no point in carrying a laptop that does not have a good battery life. Similarly, if you are a businessman and you need to travel places for work, you should have a good battery life of your MacBook.

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