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How To UnFreeze Your MacBook

Sara Omran

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When you use a MacBook, the entire computer or an application can sometimes become unresponsive. This happens typically after a spinning colorful wheel appears on your screen, but in most of the cases, the Mac simply stops responding. The basic cause of the unresponsive MacBook can be a trouble with your hard drive, a problem with the system memory or just an application glitch. You can troubleshoot the MacBook so that you are back up and quickly running.

Unresponsive Application

· You can navigate to the menu of ‘Apple’ and then select ‘Force Quit’. You can also alternatively hold down the ‘option', ‘escape’ and ‘command’ simultaneously. If the MacBook fails to respond, then you may continue to the next section.

· Highlight the application that has become unresponsive and click the ‘Force Quit’. If that unresponsive application is the Finder, you would click the ‘Relaunch’ option instead of clicking force quit. It might take a few seconds or a minute for that application to quit.

· You can repeat this process until all the unresponsive applications are completely shut down. Try to open them again to see if that issue is resolved.

Unresponsive Computer

· Click ‘Apple’ menu and then select the ‘Restart’ option. If you are not able to move the mouse to menu or if the MacBook fails to respond, you would have no option left but to hard restart the computer.

· Press the button of ‘Power’ and hold it until the MacBook shuts off.

· You need to hold the button of ‘Power’ again for turning the MacBook back on. If the computer still does not respond to power button or if it freezes again after the restart, then you have got no option left but to reset System Management Controller. Learn how you can do this in the next section.

System Management Controller Resetting

· Turn off the computer.

· Attach power adapter cable with your computer and then plug its other end into the electrical outlet.

· Now press and hold left-side ‘option', ‘shift’ and ‘control’ keys, and the button of ‘Power’ simultaneously for around 10 seconds and then release both at the very same time.

· Hold ‘Power’ button until the MacBook turns back on.

Apart from following these suggestions, you should know that resetting System Management Controller (SMC) can resolve the issues like power management problems, slow performance, erratically behaving lights and overactive fans too. It is important for you to know that restarting your computer manually can also result in the data loss in Mac Pro memory . So you can avoid such potential issue by saving your data frequently in the MacBook Pro memory .

Data once lost, cannot be retrieved again. Only some part of the data can be retrieved but it is not an easy project. Try to pick up the first sign your MacBook shows of freezing. If you take the help of a professional right in the starting, this problem would not get messy and costly in the end.


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