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Cleaning The Screen Of MacBook Pro

Sara Omran

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MacBook is an amazing yet delicate machine. You need to be very careful while cleaning the screen of MacBook Pro as heavily saturated or abrasive cloths can cause severe damage to computer. Following are just a few methods for cleaning the screen safely.

Polishing With Dry Cloth

  1. Shut it down- Turn off your MacBook Pro and detach power adapter from your computer.

    It is not really necessary to detach power adapter if you are cleaning the screen with just a dry cloth, but it is advisable since friction produced by this cloth can still interact with the adapter and damage it.

  2. Use a microfiber cloth and buff away the prints- Carefully polish your MacBook screen with the help of a microfiber cloth by moving across the screen making small circles. Apply slight yet steady pressure as you clean, but do not in any case use excessive force.

    Just about any piece of cloth would do the cleaning as long as you take a lint-free, static-resistant and soft cloth, however the ideal would be optical microfiber cloth. Stay away from the dish towels, paper towels and abrasive cloths. You need to buff your MacBook screen for 5 or more minutes before all smudges and fingerprints are removed. Hold your MacBook by its keyboard or the upper edge to prevent re-smudging of the screen accidentally.

Wiping With Moist Cloth

  1. First things first- Turn off your MacBook Pro and detach power adapter from your computer.
  2. Dampen soft cloth with the water- Apply little water to soft microfiber cloth and make it barely moist.

    A fiber-free and static-free cloth works the best, but most of the times the non-abrasive cloths would work as well. Keep in mind that you should always use a soft cloth and never a rough cloth like dish towels or paper towels etc.

  3. Do not drench your cloth in water.

    Soaked cloths are likely to drip the excess water into your machine, which can cause severe damage to computer. If accidently too much water is used, wring your cloth out really well until it becomes slightly moist. For best results, take distilled water for moistening the cloth instead of the tap water as it contains minerals, and these minerals could be conductive.

  4. Do not spray the water directly on the MacBook Pro screen under any circumstances. It increases the odds of getting the water into your machine significantly and may damage the MacBook Pro memory . The water should be used only when you use it with the soft cloths.

  5. Wipe your screen from top to bottom and side to side, working in circular buffing small motions. Apply slight but sturdy pressure to the MacBook Pro screen as you clean.
  6. You would need to pass over your screen several times before all smudges are completely removed and cleaned. You may also require re-dampening your cleaning cloth, depending on how much you need to clean on the screen.

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