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Skills Team Review PS4 at E3


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What is the Future?

You may be wondering why (Skills Team) a training provider that focusses on Networking, Microsoft and business user technologies would even think of looking at E3(the gaming industry’s leading conference and expo). Well it is as simple as this, gaming innovations often lead to digital based business innovation. So in order to understand what could possibly be happening in the future of business server and networking solutions, we should take a look how the gaming community are currently utilising their server and network solutions.

With near on one billion gamers worldwide game system developers are faced with many issues when it comes to how they connect those gamers. PS4 seem to have trumped Microsoft’s Xbox one with a few basic concepts, ideas and technologies. Not to mention that the price bracket of the PS4 versus the Xbox one is roughly £200 cheaper for the exact same graphic and game play quality.

What is the big deal with PS4?

In February of this year(2013), the PS4 was announced. There were a few things Sony wanted to achieve with this impressive piece of technology.

  • They wanted an eco-system that allowed users to play, share, engage and connect on their terms.
  • They wanted a system that could connect wirelessly to PS Vita, giving PS Vita access to a whole plethora of PS4 games it otherwise wouldn’t have had.
  • Not only have PS4 met these goals but exceeded them with the PS network. On PS4 you will have access to Video Unlimited (150 000 of the latest movie and tv series titles, to rent or own) and Music unlimited (20 million of the latest and best tracks). Music Unlimited will also be available across mobile and desktop platforms. There will be a new live events feature that will give any user the option to watch pay per view content live or at a later stage.
    PS4 also left the door open for smaller game developers to be able to use the platform to develop new and innovative games/ideas.

    Now one of the issues with Xbox one was that you need to periodically connect to the internet in order to be able to play games, you also are not allowed to loan, resell or trade in games. With PS4 you don’t have to connect to the internet to validate anything, you can sell, lend, trade or keep the game.
    Now one of my favourite parts, I love a bit of online gaming and PS4 have not let me down with this. The updated PS-network has the following abilities that make the experience more enjoyable.

  • You can play games while they are being downloaded in the background.
  • Cross game voice chat
  • Transition to a “Real world Friends” network
  • Share one social platforms live stream game play via U-stream
  • Benefits through PS Plus include
    • Current PS Plus members can carry their membership over to PS4
    • PS plus members will be able to connect multiple platforms to their account, PS Vita, PS3 and PS4.
    • A price tag of less than $5 a month
    • Discounted games
    • Cloud saves
    • Automatic game updates
    • Early access to beta programmes
    • Instant game collection
    • Immersive multiplayer online PS4 experience
    • A new free title every month
  • Non-PS Plus members will have access to single player games and all media services.
  • Lastly in 2014, Cloud services will become available for PS4. Meaning that you don’t have to compromise the speed of your PS4 by having too much data saved to your machine.

    What does all of this mean?

    Just from a networking solutions point of view the cross game play voice chat opens up a world of possibilities for business solutions. This kind of networking solution allows for greater and more efficient multitasking of events and tasks by a machine. Which to be honest, we all could use to make our lives easier at work. Higher quality Graphics processing means that we could potentially utilise this technology for more intuitive Ecosystems on our work networks, Ethernet’s, LAN’s etc…

    I personally find the fact that Game Play moving towards being cloud based very exciting. The reason why this is important to the business and commerce industries is; because as the gaming industry invests money into building faster and more efficient cloud networks and servers (purely because there are more people willing to buy products in the gaming industry than there are in the business sector, therefore resulting in a higher ROI on development costs) the business and commerce industries will start to benefit from the gaming sectors technology. So any savvy sever administrator who wants to see where the industry is heading and what they should be preparing themselves for would keep an eye on the gaming industry and watch how they develop their networks.
    My take away from this and a few other bits of technology reviews I have recently done, is that it seems the world of network computing is moving towards being cloud based. There has definitely been a move with Microsoft, Apple and Sony to see Cloud Based Networks and Solutions become main stream within the next 5 years. That is the future but what can you do about the now? If you are interested in finding out more about current network solutions, why not take a look at our Procom2 and Procom3 courses. We would even be able to help get you government funding or a Learner Loan to help you affordably fund you qualification.

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