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How important is Online Advertisement and Internet Marketing for your business?


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Following checklists are really interesting, when I found all were pasted on one of my regular blog/ article site. Now the answers are for all of those who are not quite aware about the online advertisements, all they can now read all about the online advertising regularly.

Is latest advertisements means Online Ad Campaign?

The online ad campaign is just like any other ad campaign. . . but only it's online - on the web. If some one has products or services to sell and are advertising them via print media, T. V. and any other media. It is time you took your promotions online. Why? The number of net surfers is increasing at a rapid rate and studies have shown that people are spending more and more time on the web. Nowadays, everyone search on the Google, yahoo, and msn by end of the day. Buying products online is convenient, hassle-free and easy. I think, everyone knows about the .com revolution. Online market places allow buyers to see the best deals available without moving from their desks and choose the products they want which they could not find at the local supermarket.

Do you need a web site for advertising your products or services online?

I guess you already know this. . . but hold on a second. Ask yourself, does your business really need an online advertising campaign? There are a few ways you can promote your products and services online - display banners on a web site, have banners displayed on ADMEC etc. When visitors click on the banners, they should be taken to your web site. Thus, you DO need a web site. Though a fully functional web site with shopping carts is very much desired if you plan to sell products or services and project your company as a professional supplier, you can still promote your products or services if you have a very basic web site as long as it provides details of your offerings as well as contact details.

Your web banner ad campaign must be purposeful:

First, know your purpose for this campaign. Your aim can be to sell products/services, to increase the number of hits to your web site (which would ultimately bring in more leads), or to promote a brand. . .

Remember, the banner copy should be structured depending on your aim.

Allocate a budget for the online campaign and segregate it into:

1. Cost of getting banners created

2. Advertising costs

The right time to target your customers:

Knowing the audience well is of prime importance in creating a rewarding banner campaign. The audience can be people from the same industry or a more general group. You should visit various sites that cater to your target audience, ask them for their advertising rates. Be sure to contact the big sites as well as the smaller ones. In addition to asking them for their advertising rates, you should ask them for web site visitor statistics esp. number of unique visitors, number of page views, the browser and platform (Operating system) breakdown for the visitors. You can check the website position by using a number of websites as alexa and Google also.

How important your web site URL is for the campaign?

Should your web site URL be included in the banner? I always recommend that you put it. You can have it in a very small font size if it's the logo, text or images that you want people to pay attention to. OR you can have the URL displayed in a large font if you want to build a brand recall value around the URL. The choice is yours, but as I mentioned you should include the URL in your banner - after all, the URL is how you are recognized online!

Know your competition

a. List out as many competitor web sites as possible.

b. Save any web banners of the competition that you come across.

c. Note the web sites on which the competition is advertising.

You can also promote your product online after a small effort?

Yes, If you want to save your money and time both, and also want to promote your website with a solid confidence, then I hope you would like to do all the things yourself or in your look after. The Web Design will develop the skills and knowledge for ‘Front End’ online publishing. One can gain knowledge of screen based communication and work flows in various industry applications from any reputed institute (earn knowledge not certificate). The program must cover interface design, rich media design, online brand creation and graphics optimization. I would suggest you to join some best training computer institutes in Delhi, India in my next article I will focus on banner advertising also.

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My next article is on Web banners advertisement a deep subject.

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