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Windows Registry Repair Software is a Necessity With Windows XP and Vista

Edward Lathrop

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Why do we now have to deal with registry problems on the new operating systems, Windows XP and Vista when we didn't have to worry about our registries so much with Windows 98 and 95? Doesn't it seem like a new, improved operating system would give us less problems?

In this article, we're going to discuss these things and see if we can make some sense of the irony that newer operating systems need more attention than older ones!

Hierarchal Structure

A Windows Operating System's registry is organized in a hierarchal structure exactly the same way your documents are arranged in your Word program. There is one major directory in your registry which would be the equivalent of your MyDocuments folder. Under that directory, there are many, many, many directories and each one of these directories may or may not have files contained in them.

Certainly, way down at the bottom in the very lowest directory there are lots of files. Now, multiply this MyDocuments structure by 5 and you have something that looks very much like a Windows Registry.

A Long Trip

Many times, the command you give at your keyboard or mouse spans across many registry directories and needs to travel back and forth through the registry to carry out one command. So, you can see that one little keystroke needs to wend its way through a lot of files before it is executed. When these files become disorganized the trip can become much longer.

Tangible Programs?

When we add a program or anything tangible to the computer, we add entries to the registry. When that tangible program is removed, many of the entries are left behind. These entries that are no longer needed are known as registry corruption. There are other forms of registry corruption, but this is a common one.

It is important to note viruses, spyware, adware and malware are all tangible programs and most of us use spyware cleaners daily to remove these things from our computer. Since these parasites are a lot more prevalent now than they were in Windows 98's hay-day, and they are usually, a lot bigger and more complicated than they used to be, removing them leaves much more corruption nowadays than it used to.

As time goes on, this registry corruption causes the computer to act up. The computer will probably slow down at first and after the corruption gets more plentiful, the computer is likely to suffer crashes.

So, What Do I Do?

What all this means is in today's world, we have many more tangible programs in the form of viruses/spyware and such that are being added and removed regularly from our operating system; probably thousands times more than 10 years ago. Add to this fact newer Windows operating systems and their tangible programs are way larger than the early Windows operating systems and their tangible programs and you can see how registry corruption has become a much bigger issue than it used to be!

It is easy enough to take care of registry corruption. Just install a good registry cleaner on your computer and run it periodically and your computer will be fine! The best time to run a registry cleaner is after spyware and/or viruses have been removed. By the way, you do have a good spyware cleaner installed on your computer; don't you?

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