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Computer Running Slow? - You Can Fix it Easily


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After being used for some time all Windows computers will have problems. The machine will slow down and occasionally freeze or crash. It may take a year or two of use before this becomes apparent but it will happen eventually. It occurs gradually depending on computer usage but it will take place on all computers using a Windows operating system.

You would really like to do something about this but you don't know what is causing the problem or where to start. Well I can tell you what the problem almost certainly is and how to fix it quickly and easily.

In the great majority of cases the problem is with your computer registry. All windows computers since Windows 95 have a registry. It is an information bank used by the Windows operating system to manage the computer and programs.

Every time you use the machine information will be stored in the registry. Over a period of time a lot of unwanted entries will accumulate in the registry occupying a lot of space. Much of this is outdated and no longer needed.

There are parts of programs which were never completely uninstalled and partial programs which you tried to install unsuccessfully in the past. Spyware installed without your knowledge and fragmentary data of many types is also bloating your registry.

What you need is a simple way to get rid of all this unwanted data in your computer registry. Fortunately there is an easy way to accomplish this.

A registry cleaner application will run a free scan of your computer to find out what the problems may be. It will show you a list of these problems free of charge. You then can make a decision as to what you want to do about these problems.

You can go into the registry yourself and remove the unwanted material manually. Your computer has a function called Regedit installed. You can repair your registry with this. It is quite simple to do. Just take a look at the list of registry entries and delete the ones you don't want. It is really that easy.

If you are unable do this yourself, the registry cleaner application will do it for you, for a very reasonable price. If you decide to try to do it yourself be extremely cautious. The registry is very important to your computer and contains much essential data which must not be removed. If you remove some of these entries, you may render the computer inoperable or prevent your programs from running properly.

Unless you have enough knowledge to know what is essential, and what can be removed, do not attempt to edit your registry. Much better to play it safe and use the registry cleaner application which will do the job quickly and safely.

A good registry cleaner program will backup your registry so that it can be restored if needed. It will clean the registry systematically and edit out all not needed material such as unused drivers, files, shortcuts and a lot more, including malware and spyware. It will in other words tune up the registry by making it lean and efficient as it was before it became bloated. Your computer will return to top speed and will be just like new.

The first thing to do is to get a free scan of your registry to find the problems. There are a number of registry repair applications available on the internet. We have tried them out. They all will do the job but as always there is a good, a better, and a best to choose from. We found one application which we feel is superior in terms of results, safety and ease of use.

Want to know how to speed up your slow computer and get it running smoothly again? Want to get a free scan to check for registry problems? Want to know what will do this for you for free? Check this website:


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My Computer is Running Slow, Why?
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