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3 Crucial Reasons For a Windows Clean Up


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Windows, no matter how much of a diehard Bill Gates fan you might be, is not a perfect Operating System. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find one single utopian OS which is constantly smooth, never crashes and upholds even the most violent attacks of the most malicious viruses. Now, I would appreciate it if the Mac OS supporters could please sit down and stop waving your flags - I have owned Mac Machines and they have been known to lock up, freeze and crash like any other OS. But I digress, today we are talking about Windows, and I will tell you how to keep it running smooth - 3 crucial reasons for a Windows clean up.

Dirt and grime, whether physical or digital, is a by product of use. And the more we use the computer, the more digital dust bunnies are going to be hidden in the most callous corners of the hard disk, eating up memory, stalling operations, giving your OS and your processor a hard time and a hiccup whenever it tries to launch a program. The more programs, the more games and applications we install, the more of these free floating clutter - from unknown temp files to left over dll's that you don't really even need anymore; will cause a massive slowdown of your Windows system. Imagine if you never threw out a single package of anything you bought and shoved it all into your room - that will give you a better picture of what I'm talking about.

Another by-product of prolonged use is the unavoidable fragmentation of your hard disk. Windows isn't a nit picker when it comes to neatness, and neither are installed programs. Data files get fragmented, being placed in far flung corners of the hard disk, making Windows work hard just to launch a program as simple as a picture viewer. Now imagine high end programs like Photoshop or Dreamweaver, you'd literally grow old, turn to dust and be revived by the loud beeps of your machine finally crashing on you. A fragmented drive is a slow drive and thus a slow PC. You need to clean and defragment your drive every few weeks. I do mine once a month and this keeps my system running smooth.

Lastly but by far not the least, is the matrix of the computer. The Zion of Windows has been invaded by the droids of null entries, orphaned keys and invalid registry information, left behind by malware, spyware and viruses from every county in cyberspace hell. A registry that damaged and that cluttered will cause massive slowdowns in your Windows and this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Get a good registry cleaner and you will literally be flying from folder to folder faster than the speed of light. Well it may seem like an exaggeration but the speed difference the first time I cleaned the registry was that stark.

So there, 3 crucial reasons for a windows clean up - done easily, quickly and can be executed by anyone at all.

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Clean Windows Registry For Better PC Performance
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