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Why is My Computer Running So Slowly?


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Anyone who owns a computer knows that after a few months of using it, it begins to slow down. After a year or so, you may notice that your computer is operating much more slowly than it did when it was new. But why does this happen? Well, there are a number of reasons and a number of things you can do to make your computer operate faster.

The first reason your computer may be slow is because it needs more RAM. You'll notice this issue right away, especially if you have less than a gig of RAM. Most new computers come with a least that much. While Microsoft says Windows XP can run on 128 MB, it and Vista really need at least a gig to run smoothly and allow you to run multiple programs at once. Fortunately, the price of RAM has dropped significantly, and you can get a gig installed for $100 or less.

The second thing you can do to speed up your computer is to run the disk defragmenter utility. This program, which is a part of the Windows system tools, will help free up hard drive space and help your computer open files more quickly.

Running a virus scanner can also help make your computer run better. Viruses can take up a lot of your computer's processing power, not to mention delete files and cause other issues. Likewise, you'll want to download and run an adware scanning program on a regular basis as well. Adware causes more pop-ups on your computer, can transmit some of your personal information to other users, and may even redirect your internet browser to sites you don't want to visit.

Another important program you'll want to get is a registry cleaner. The registry is a huge list of everything installed on your computer, and Windows references it when it opens a program or uses a device attached to your computer. When you delete a program, its registry entry should also be deleted, but sometimes it's not. A registry cleaner can get rid of these old entries so Windows can search the registry faster. It also deletes or corrects any entries that viruses have corrupted.

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Why Is My Computer Running Slow?
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