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Search Engine History Data - How to Delete Google, Yahoo, Dogpile and Other Search History


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As you probably already know, the default settings for web browsers (such as Internet Explorer) and toolbars (such as the Google Toolbar) is to keep your search history available.

Why do they do this? Because many people find websites or search results, then need to find them again but do not remember how they found them in the first place. Using your search history is a good way to recreate your steps.

But what if you do not want to have anyone know where you were looking or what you were searching for? Yes, we can all think of at least one reason we would not want other people to know what we were browsing for online, right?

But there are other reasons you might want to keep this information secret. For example, you suspect your spouse of cheating on you. Or you are looking for another job, but do not want your boss to find out. Or how about something totally innocent. . . like you do not want your kids to know what you have been looking at for them for Christmas?

Regardless of the reason, you may want to delete search history from your Google or Yahoo toolbar, or from search sites such as Dogpile. Google and Yahoo toolbars make it simple to clear your history.

On the Yahoo toolbar, you simply click on the yellow pencil icon (Toolbar settings), and choose Clear Recent Searches. That is all there is to it!

On the Google toolbar, click the Down arrow to the right of where you enter your search and you will see your search history right in front of you. Down at the bottom, you will also see a link that says Clear History. Just click that link and it is gone.

If you would like to completely disable your Google Toolbar's search history, click the “Options" button on the Toolbar and un-check the box next to “Drop-down search history. "

If you do not want search histories generated in the first place, regardless of what search engine you use, you can always change your browser settings.

In Internet Explorer, this is done from the Tools menu. Click on Internet Options/Content/AutoComplete and then you can uncheck the Forms box to stop your search history from being saved.

Safari users can enable the Private Browsing function. This prevents both search histories and cookies from being saved. Safari, once only available to Macintosh computer users, is now available to Windows users as well for free. After you download and install Safari on your computer, you simply open it up and choose “private browsing" from the edit menu. You can then feel comfortable using Safari and knowing that your search history and browsing history are both private to you.

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