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Copy CD To iPod - How To Load Up Your Favourite Songs On Your iPod


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Do you have this mini gadget that is even smaller than your pocket and can store thousands of songs, videos, e-books, and audio books? Maybe you have this so-called new craze of the new millennium-iPods. Do you know all the features offered by this small gadget? Hope you know that with iPod and some essential software, you can copy CD to iPod. You can actually make back-up copies of all your favorite CD collections, save it in your iPod, and take your favorite songs anywhere.

CD Back up as an iPod feature

iPod features are actually the real thing that people love about this small gadget. iPod is often described as an all-in-one gadget. It is capable of playing videos, showing electronic books, keeping and playing audio books, saving and showing picture files, and a lot more. Features depend largely on the iPod version. Though iPod versions may differ in some features, they still have some similarities. One is the capability to store thousands of songs and the other is its dependency on certain software solutions.

Since iPod is a product of our digital age and of Apple Corporation, a company known for high-tech gadgets, it is always twinned with software. A very popular freeware used to enjoy more of the iPod features is the iTunes. Older iPod versions were only permitted to be used with Mac platforms but Apple later developed Musicmatch Jukebox that can be used with Microsoft Windows. Later, Apple just made iTunes available for both Windows and Mac OS. This way, more people using different platforms can enjoy ripping songs from their CDs.

iTunes is a free software you can download from Apple website or other downloading sites. This software is a media-organizer application that enables you to work with all your multimedia files easily. You can use iTunes for organizing all your music into playlists in one or more music libraries. You can also edit file information, copy files to your iPod, purchase music and videos, and record or copy compact discs with iTunes.

How to Copy CD to iPod

First, make sure that you have these three essential components: computer, iTunes, and iPod.

Insert your CD into the computer and wait until the computer reads the CD content. The iTunes will automatically read the CD too. You will see all the song in the CD when iTunes becomes activated. There's a button usually at the right and corner of the iTunes window named “import CD. " Click that and wait for a while until all the songs have already been copied to your music library.

When it's all done, eject the CD. Access your music library and make some necessary editing to the songs like the track title, artist, and the album. Songs from CDs are usually in WAV form and doesn't include this information.

Connect your iPod to the computer using the USB port and then, copy all the songs to this small device.

With these simple easy steps, you can now enjoy all your favorite CD tracts in your new iPod. So, next time you want to copy CD to iPod, you know exactly what to do. You can also help your friends make back up copies of their CDs too.

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copy cd to ipod

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How Do You Download Songs Onto an IPod to Get the Music You Want Now? Explore ..
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