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Netflix Blu-Ray - Providing an Alternative to DVD Movies


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Netflix that is the largest online movie rental service in the world obviously cannot be left behind when it comes to making Netflix Blu-ray available and thus you can expect to be able to rent many such Netflix Blu-ray discs from the company that will surely not want to miss out on the opportunity to capitalize on the expected popularity of Blu-ray movie discs in the coming times. No doubt, HD DVD is very popular and is creating a lot of excitement in the home entertainment space; though as people realize the benefits of Blu-ray discs, they will queue up to also demand to rent Netflix Blu-ray as well.

In fact, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment as well as others including 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and LionsGate as well as Paramount and even Consumers Electronic Show are pushing Blu-ray movies with as many as ten to twenty titles being launched concurrently, which should also make Netflix interested in stocking them, and add them to their Netflix Blu-ray offerings.

Taking Over From HD DVDs And CDs

Of course, the bulk of Netflix's rental business still revolves around DVDs and CDs though they will nevertheless still want to push ahead with Netflix Blu-ray rentals to ensure that customers get the latest offerings in home entertainment. Of course, it will mean that the company needs to build up strong customer loyalty especially for the relatively new Netflix Blu-ray offerings. Since Netflix basically concentrates all its efforts in serving movie buffs, adding Netflix Blu-ray to their inventory of movie offerings is bound to help increase their popularity, and this has led the company to announce the addition of Netflix Blu-ray to their other offerings.

In fact, though you will find many more HD DVD movie offerings from Netflix than Blu-rays, which definitely offers better and sharper images, there is thus a pressing need to also try out Blu-ray technology albeit with a little apprehension that Blu-ray does not go the way of the Betamax that lost the war with VHS. The driving force behind Netflix Blu-ray offerings would obviously be that they wish to extend the popularity of their services, and with a view to looking ahead a decade or so, they may well benefit from offering Netflix Blu-ray movies to customers.

After all, it only means taking a small step in a totally different direction from offering HD DVDs to also offering Blu-rays and thus there is a need to provide customers that don't know much about Blu-ray technology a means by which they can test the waters and decide for themselves how much of an improvement Blu-ray discs are as compared with HD DVDs. has other well-written and helpful articles not only related to before upgrading learn what blue ray is , but also other information and resources related to blue ray .

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