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iPOD vs Zune - Zune's WiFi Breaks The Tie?


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Microsoft's Zune and the iPOD have been battling it out in the marketplace for over a year now. One of the Zune's advantages has been its inclusion of wireless networking for file sharing between different Zune players. One place many industry observers have thought Microsoft made a mistake is that the player could only share files between different Zunes, and not use the built-in WiFi for synching to the user's PC.

Microsoft has remedied the problem. All the latest models of the Zune have WiFi synching. If you own an older one, you can rejoice now. With the latest firmware update, version 2.0 or higher, you'll be able to enjoy this functionality as well. It seems the Big M has answered your prayers at last. To make the first generation player even more attractive, it is being offered at extremely low prices at a myriad of different retailers, both on-line and off.

The combination of new features and new, lower prices are powerful incentives for many consumers to choose a Zune over an iPOD, something Microsoft has hoped for since the player's introduction. Even with the new Apple products’ large screens and lower prices, the Zune has a feature set that makes the battle much closer, and in the minds of many consumers, actually tilt in favor of the Boyz from Redmond.

Some recent research among teens in the 13 - 17 demographic, appears to suggest that many of them actually think the Zune is more hip, and really appreciate the WiFi feature. Capturing that demographic is a coup that Microsoft has worked long and hard for. These young consumers are a fickle bunch. The momentum could begin to swing at any time, and once it shifts in earnest, look out!

The upgrade of older units to include WiFi synching to a PC, the introduction of a larger, 80GB Zune, and smaller flash based units, has fleshed out the product line considerably. The new products answered some industry critics that said the Zune product line was to narrow. These new products could be just in time to give the Zune the push it needs to catch the iPOD in the market place, if not topple it from its lofty perch.

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