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Have you ever wondered what a Palm Pilot can do? In this day and age almost anything a laptop can do. The only difference is a PDA(personal digital assistant) can fit in your pocket! Imagine storing contact information, writing notes and keeping organized throughout the day with something about the size of a wallet. The possibility is a reality.

Palm pilots started out a few years back with the main concept of retrieving information at the touch of a button in a very compact and mobile handheld. That main theory has lasted and has been improved on several times over. The PDA got smaller, more lightweight, got a bigger memory and numerous added features.

Palm pilots can now do almost anything. Here's a few:
1)8-60MB of memory with expansion slots for upgrades
2)Most come with high resolution color screens
3)Easily sync Outlook information View photos and videos, play MP3 files and GPS capabilities
4)Stores numerous names addresses and phone numbers
5)Headphone and external speaker jack
6)E-mail and wireless internet connection available
7)Palm OS software that synchronizes with a main computer through infra red connection
8)Stores notes, appointments, and memos, even scribble on it
9)Edit and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint compatible files
10)Add software such as games, dictionary and more

Can you see what I mean when palm pilots can do almost anything? Remember that a PDA can go anywhere you go and can hide in a purse, your suitcoat, or even your back pocket. All these useful functions are necessary to keep people on the move and because we are all human palm pilots carry all our valuable information at the touch of a button.

How can such a compact handheld do all this? By constantly pushing the envelope in mobile computing technology. Big name manufacturers like palmOne, Dell and HP put out some very powerful, yet small PDAs. Each of these top companies have invented an awesome handheld palm pilot to suit the busy lifestyle needs of the working professional, students, or even Mom.

In today's world we must keep up with the pace, but because we are still human a little help goes a long way. Having to remember business contacts, term paper due dates, and even soccer practice can get overwhelming at times. Being swamped with all this information can cause us to forget. Now thanks to the invention of the Palm Pilot PDA we can take all our information with us and be able to recall it at the touch of a button. What could be better?

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