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DVD’s quickly exploded onto the market and people everywhere were scurrying to replaced their VHS tapes with DVDs. They do not come without their problems, though. The following lists some tips for keeping your DVDs in good working order and describes some common problems that you may find in your DVD collection.

These tips are designed to help you keep you DVDs in top condition. Following these tips will not guarantee your DVDs will last forever, but will prevent them from becoming damaged unnecessarily.
- Keep DVDs in their case when not in use.
- Keep DVDs out of the sun and away from heat.
- Always hold the DVD by the edge and in the middle hole. Never touch the surface with your fingers.
- Use a special cleaning cloth to wipe them clean. Avoid using anything that could scratch the surface. Compressed air can also be used to blow dust off.
- Wipe the DVD from the inside to the edge in one smooth stroke. - Avoid bending the DVD when at any time.
- When removing a DVD from its case push the center button so it pops up and remove it gently. Do not pull on it.
- Do not stack DVDs out of their case.

Common problems you may experience with your DVDs are related both to use and manufacturing. The protective film on the underside of the DVD can bubble up or start to peel away. This problem can be due to manufacturing issues or from heat, stacking the DVD or rubbing against the surface. When this occurs the DVD becomes useless as the player can not read it. Any scratches will immediately make the DVD useless. Another big problem comes form bending the DVD. DVDs are made in layers and bending them can cause these layers to separate.

Most people invest much time and money into their collection and by following these simple tips you can avoid common problems that would make your DVD collection useless.

Simple tips for DVD care was written by Craig Dawber, Find out all you need to know about Dvd's/cd's on this web-site .

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