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DVD stands for Digital Versatile/Video Disc. It is an optical storage technology that can be used to store large amounts of data, high quality video, audio or games. The DVD format has only been around for a decade and has evolved incredibly fast since its launch. In fact, the development of DVD technology has far outpaced similar movement in VHS or CD technology.

Users familiar with CDs and their various applications should have a pretty good idea of what a DVD looks like and the various functions that a user can achieve with it.

There are three main application formats on a DVD – DVD Video, DVD Audio and DVD-ROM(for data). These are exactly comparable with VCDs, Audio CDs and CD-ROMs.

DVD-R stands for DVD-Recordable. Readers should note that this is a physical technology and is distinct from DVD-ROM which is an application format. To illustrate this, it is possible to store DVD-Video and data(DVD-ROM) on a single DVD-R disc.

DVD-R discs are recordable only once; they are not re-writable discs. They are generally available in a standard capacity that matches the 4.7GB capacity of store-bought, pre-recorded DVDs. It is possible to find double-sided, single-layer DVD-R that can store about 8.75GB. DVD-R. They are generally compatible with all DVD-ROMs that come with home computers and are also compatible with most stand alone DVD players.

There are many competing formats of recordable DVDs. However, many compatibility issues between formats are resolved through the introduction of combo drives. A good rule of thumb is that a DVD-R disc will be read by most DVD drives and players but will only be written by a DVD-R or DVD-RW compatible drive.

The DVD-R format is supported by the DVD Forum, an industry association of DVDs led by Toshiba.

DVD-R discs are becoming ubiquitous as manufacturers have started including DVD burners as standard on home computers now sold. They can be used for numerous purposes including backing up data to creating home movie DVDs. DVD-R compatible drives currently have the highest market reach for both PCs and Macs and are a better choice than other comparable DVD recording formats.

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