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Change Your Background Picture On Your Mobile Phone


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Cell Phones used to be very simple things that only had a Black and White screen and so there wasn’t much interest in changing the Background picture on your Phone, even though it was still possible. With Black and White Phones you could change the Logo, you could have the Nike tick, or Adidas stripes on your Phone, anything you wanted! But you couldn’t put your Photo or your families Photo on your Phone.

Now almost every single Phone has a colour Screen, and some have 2! Which means it’s possible to set Photos as your Background or Wallpaper, in fact you can set any picture as your Background on many Phones.

I have my girlfriend’s Picture on my Phone so that I can look at her whenever I want to! It’s extremely easy to get Pictures on the Phone, you actually have a number of different ways to do it.

The ways you can get a Photo on your Phone:

  • You can take a Picture with the Phones built in Camera.
  • You can save Pictures on to your Phone from your Computer using a data cable.
  • You can get your friends to send them.
  • You can order them from the Internet/TV adverts.

If you take the Picture with the Camera that is on your Phone then it is the easiest way, you just snap any Phone and it will already be correctly formatted to display on your Phones display and also it’s already stored on your Phone! Once you’ve taken a Photo just navigate through the options to set it as your Phones Background Picture.

If you have taken Photos with your Digital Camera and they are now stored on your Computer then you should do some extra work first. Some of the new Cameras take Photos that are up to 10 MB in size! Now this may be fine on your Computers Harddrive which has 160 GB of space, but I very much doubt that it will fit on your Phone like that. Also if it’s too big you won’t be able to see any detail in the Photo.

Start by opening the Photo in your Photo Editing Program and then cropping the Photo so that only relevant people remain in the Photo. Try to find out the size of your screen, then you can make your Photo the right dimensions for your screen. If the Photo is the wrong dimensions then bands of White, or Colour (depending on your phone) will be displayed where there isn’t enough Photo.

Next you want to reduce the File size of the File, you can do this best by resizing the Image, so that it’s just big enough to fill the screen of your Phone. Ok so now you’ve finished Editing the Picture you need to get it onto your Phone.

Different Phones behave differently, however most act as USB Flash Discs which makes it extremely easy. Connect your Phone to USB and use the “my computer screen” to select your Phone, open the Pictures folder and paste your Pictures into the folder.

On your Phone you will have to set the background as the Picture that you just uploaded. There are other ways of getting Pictures on your Phone, if you don’t have a data cable then how about emailing them to your Phone ? If you have one of the modern smart Phones then this may be possible.

Customizing your Phone is great fun, but why stop there ? Add some new ring tones and even try some of the interesting Mobile Hacks that are out there!

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