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Freeware DVD Burners


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People love things that are Free and Computers are wonderful for people because they really do make things for Free! I’m sure everybody knows the saying “There’s no such thing as a Free Lunch” but in the case of Computers, sometimes there are!

Freeware Software is Software that you are allowed to Download and use for Free. The owner does not make you pay for the Software, and you can distribute it to others just as long as you do not Charge for it or Modify it in anyway.

There are a number of reasons why people will produce Freeware Software:

  • To get their Name known.
  • To increase Website Traffic.
  • To promote their other Software.
  • To build a Reputation.
  • Just because it was a Hobby.
  • Because they think Computer Software should be Free.

If a person is relatively unknown at producing Computer Software, then developing a Freeware Program could improve their popularity.

Also if a Company creates a Freeware Program they will increase the number of people that know about their Site, and so hopefully increase the number of sales.

Zone Alarm is one example they offer their basic Firewall for free. They were one of the first Companies to release a Free Firewall and so they have benefited a lot from the increased exposure.

Website Traffic is valuable you can make money just by getting Traffic to your Site. Especially with many Tools like Google AdSense it is possible to make huge amounts of money from Website Traffic.

By offering Freeware more people will be enticed to their Site and so the Website Traffic will be higher. If an enthusiast develops a Program they will most probably release it as Freeware, a number of exciting Software Programs started this way.

There is a lot of Open Source Software on the Internet these days, and we think it’s great, for somebody to release the Source Code to their Baby (program) and allow others to alter it or change what it does. There is Freeware available in all Categories, and DVD Burners are no exception. Deepburner is one of these great Freeware DVD Burners. It is Completely Free to run and works very well.

Deepburner is capable of making CD’s and DVD’s and it even is possible to make Auto runs. Astonsoft released the Deepburner Software for Free to publicise Deepburner Pro. Just take a look at the Program when it is installed, it’s basically an advert for the professional version! It’s very clever.

Just Remember to be careful when Downloading Freeware, because it could be filled with Spyware or Adware. Of course if they are trying to sell a Full Version then the likelihood of this is much less. When you are Downloading Software try to stick to the official Websites, so that you can be sure the Software hasn’t been altered.

About The Author

Morten Hansen has been working with the internet for several years and is mainly writing about subjects, which makes it easier for Internet users to use different Software Tools on the internet. For more useful Tips about different Software Tools visit our site


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