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Unlocking Your Phone Using Your Computer


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If you get a Mobile Phone these days you’re unlikely to pay the full price of it. A Mobile Phone costs a lot of money, however whenever you buy a Phone through a contract it will be Free, or very cheap with other plans.

The Phone Companies heavily subsidise the cost of a new Mobile Phone, sometimes making it Free, so that they can get your Business. However they don’t want you to take your Phone to another Network, so they Lock your Phone.

There are several levels of Lock, however a Sim-lock is what we are talking about, they will Lock your Phone, so that it is only able to use one Provider.

If you’ve moved States, or changed Contracts, or Providers, then you often experience this, the Phones are completely useless on any other Network.

Why does a Provider Lock a Phone ?

  • In order to prevent you changing your Provider.
  • So they can recoup some of their costs for the Phone.
  • So the Phone has little or no resale value.

A Sim Card is the small Card that fits inside your Phone, you can put this Simcard in another Phone, and that Phone will have your Phone number. Therefore the Phone Company will prevent you putting another Phone Company’s Sim Card in their Phone.

Removing this Sim-lock is known as Unlocking your Phone. It is increasingly popular and it is getting easier and easier to do.

By Unlocking your Phone the resale value is considerably higher, plus you can use any Simcard in it, whenever you go to another State, you can use a Local Simcard to save money on your Phone bill.

It used to be quite difficult to Unlock your Phone, in fact the proper way to do it was to contact your Phone Company and ask them for an Unlock Code, which you would then enter into your Code.

The Phone Companies are able to give you an Unlock Code (for a Fee), because they have a Dongle. A Dongle is quite simply a Hardware Device that stores information and plugs into a Computer. If you run High-end Software (for example Radan, or even AutoCAD), then some form of Hardware Dongle is used to give the Program some form of Copy Protection.

Nokia provided such Dongles, so that Providers could Unlock the Phones if required. One of these Dongles went ‘missing’ and somebody managed to reverse engineer it, and turn it into a Computer Program. All of the Nokia Unlock Code generators rely upon this Software running in the Background.

Unlocking the majority of Phones is completely Free as long as you’ve got enough patience and you’re willing to take a Risk. Many Phones these days come with USB cables, making the Unlocking process extremely easy.

Why would you want to Unlock a Phone ?

  • It adds value to your Phone, you can sell a Phone you got as Free for example.
  • You can use any Simcard in your Phone.
  • You can use local Simcards, so that you don’t have to pay Roaming Costs.

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