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Put New Ring Tones On Your Mobile Phone


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It’s become very popular lately to Personalise everything that you own, think about it, you can Personalise Clothes, MP3 Players, and even Mobile Phones!

The easiest way to Personalise your Mobile Phone is to change its Ring Tone.

No longer are you limited to the number of Ring Tones, that came installed on your Phone when it was new, you can now Download, and Install new ones on your Phone in a flash!

Depending on how old your Phone is, it can be very easy, or a bit more difficult. Many of the modern Phones come with Data Cables so you can connect your Phone up to your Computer extremely easily. If you don’t have a Data Cable, then find out if one is available for your specific Phone, there most likely is one.

Types of Ring Tones:

  • Mono – just beeping in one Tone.
  • Polyphonic – multiple Tones.
  • Real Tones – MP3 Music.

There are a variety of different types of Ring Tones, Mono Tones were the first, and it is possible to Download these in a variety of different ways, but this will depend on your Phone.

You can normally find Websites that have instructions to add them into your Phone using your Phones composer, this means you do not have to transfer any Files to/from your Phone.

Polyphonic Ring Tones are the next, these sound much more like Music. These use different Tones as opposed to the monotone Ring Tones. These are often stored as Midi Files, and you will have to search for them.

The beauty of this is that you often to do not have to find specific Ring Tones for your Phone, you can just Download any Midi File that you want! You can use some of the Audio Editing Tools to Edit out the chorus of songs to use as Ringing Tones if it is of interest.

Real Tones are Ring Tones that sound exactly like the real Music. This is because they use MP3’s you can load any MP3 onto your Phone, and tell your Phone to set it as the Ring Tone. By doing this every time someone Phones you get to hear your favourite track! Great idea!

So there are numerous ways of loading new Ring Tones onto Phones:

  • Using a Data Cable.
  • Entering in the Phones composer.
  • Ordering Ring Tones over the Internet.
  • Texting from a friend.
  • Beaming from a friends Phone.

If you have a Data Cable for your Phone then it is possible to connect it up to your Computer and transfer your MP3’s and Midi Files over to your Phone. Then you will simply need to set up your Phone to use the correct Ring Tones.

Many of the older Phones have a Ring Tone composer, you can find Ring Tones written on the Internet, and you simply enter these into the composer.

There are several services on the Internet, and also advertised on TV, that can send Ring Tones to you (at a cost), the beauty of this is, that you don’t have to fiddle about getting the Ring Tone on your phone. The only bad thing is that you have to pay quite a lot of money for this service!

If your friend has a Ring Tone that you want, then it is possible to share it. You can get them to send it through Bluetooth or Infrared directly to your Phone, as long as both Phones support one or both of these methods.

This Ring Tone will be saved onto your Phone just as if you Downloaded it from the Internet, you will then have to set it up to be a Ring Tone.

The best way to get free Ring Tones is to search the Internet for Downloads. If your Phone supports MP3’s, then you could convert your CD’s into MP3 format, and use them as Ring Tones! There is also Software available to convert MP3 Music into Midi Music, although how successful this is we do not know.

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