Should You Choose A Palm Or Windows Mobile PDA?


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In the computer world it's Windows versus Mac OS X and Linux. There are endless debates about which operating system is the best, with some pretty passionate people on both sides of the fence.

Well, the PDA and Smartphone world is not much different. There is a version of Windows called Windows Mobile, the Palm OS and a few other smaller players. And again, people are passionate about their choices in operating systems.

The first thing we'll get out of the way is choosing an OS based on your opinion of the company who makes it. Many people like to choose anything but something made by Microsoft.

Noble perhaps, but not really the best way to make your decision.

One of the classic arguments in favor of Palm is that there are far more application available for it. This is really not the case anymore, as Windows Mobile has been around for long enough to get a great deal of support behind it as well.

There may not be quite as many choices for any given category of software, but who really need 10 different calendar applications to choose from anyway? I'd rather have two good choices than two good ones and eight mediocre or downright bad ones.

A major advantage of Windows Mobile over Palm is that it is a true multitasking operating system. So you can be downloading your email in the background while you enter a new appointment in your calendar.

Just like on a desktop computer running Windows, both these applications can be running and active at the same time. The Palm OS uses a switching system that makes it seem like you're running more than one application but the reality is that one pauses while the other is active.

One of Palm's big advantages is that many corporate IT departments support Palm because it has been around for so long and more people have traditionally used it than Windows Mobile. They often have the infrastructure to support Palm devices where they may not have for Windows Mobile.

The bottom line is that you need to determine what you need to do with your PDA or Smartphone and then make the choice that gives you the best solution. Everybody's needs are slightly different.

Eventually, your favorite PDA or smartphone won't boot and you'll have to think about replacing it. Aaron Smith offers helpful advice for choosing the best option for your needs.


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