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iPods have had an amazing rise to stardom that started back when they were first introduced in 2001. In a very short time these have set the standard for digital audio players. This market has been so large that everyone and their brother now have an iPod.

One of the best parts about iPods is the plethora or wide range of aftermarket products. You can now customize, tweak and trick out your iPod to your hearts desires. You might go with something simple to something very wild but no matter what you choice are there will be a product to your liking.

An iPod skin is often seen as one of the most important accessories and aftermarket products out there. There are many manufactures that will offer a wide variety of iPods skins for every make and model of the iPod including the iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, and iPod Nano. No matter what the skin looks like or the model that you have the skin has one main purpose. The main purpose other then being stylish is to protect your iPod from wear and tear including scratches and drops.

So which is the best iPod skin for your particular needs? Well, it largely depends on your tastes, style and desires. You can get a completely custom and wild look using a custom printable iPod skin also known as iPod Tattoos. If you are looking for something a little more sedate or subdued with classic style then you might want a leather skin or case.

Silicone iPod Skins

These are great little skins that offer tremendous protection and durability. They are made from silicone and thin vinyl. They are great for a variety of reasons. The silicone insulates the iPod from battery heat and keeps the iPod much cooler. These carrying cases often feel soft and rubbery or almost sticky to the touch which is great because you can get a good grip on them. Even if you hands are sweating or moist you can grab your iPod to switch to the next tune or adjust the volume without worrying about dropping it.

Typically silicone types of skins will run anywhere between $20 to $30 dollars. You can get a wide variety everything from glow in the dark to simple solid colors.

Hard Plastic iPod Skins

The skins in this category often run around $8 to $15 dollars depending on the make and model. You can also get them in a wide variety of colors and styles. You can easily find models with lanyards or belt clips to attach your iPod to which is a handy feature.

The only problem that has been noted by many hard case users is the case being made of plastic tend to be more slippery when wet then the silicone models. So you will want to be careful when holding the iPod in a hard plastic case so you don’t drop the unit.

Leather iPod Skins

These are the cream of the crop for iPod users and many of the older generation of iPod users favor the classic styling of leather and the look and feel over the squishy silicone variety. These can really range in price between $20 all the way up to $200. Kate Spade has a line of leather iPod skins which is very classy and stylish.

You will want to try the iPod skin on if at all possible to get used to the look and feel of it. Make sure that you can access all of the features on the iPod unit itself as you do not want anything covered up. For example if you want access to the jack port and docking connector without having to remove the skin. The most important thing is to try a few different skins out in the store or read reviews if you are shopping online before making a purchase. Find something that fits with your own style.

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