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In order to repair your technic you should know what breakages it has. Speaking about technics, laptops and computers, this rule is timely challenging. You know that technic exploitation is always connected with accompanied problems and failures. Of course, you can always make reparation of your machine or sell us used, pre-owned laptop. Both of these variants are attractive. Nevertheless, there is time and place for everything. Let’s start from the very first.

IT specialists boast with their rich experience to find the true reason of your faults. So, high quality diagnostics usually helps to find the breakage. Traditionally, this is the bigger part of your success. The electronic devices are complex mechanisms, consisting of many elements. Of course, they are breaking down periodically. As a matter of fact, you may start fixing your device from diagnostics.

Make Your Laptop Battery Live Longer

Modern laptops need reparation. The problem is really hot. As far as the main characteristic of mobile computer is mobility, it is really hard to make piece of battery breakage. What is more, it is impossible to trade pre-owned gadget for big money if the battery is out. According to statistics, the most of users cannot use their laptop battery to the full. This is the reason, why it becomes bed-working for 1-1,5 year. If your machine is older than 2 years, accumulator breakage is guaranteed.

The modern computers are mostly equipped with lithium-ion batteries. It is very easy to damage it - the battery of this kind does not like hot or cold temperature. The average service life of Lition accumulators is year and a half, independently from amount of charging categories.

Laptop Cooling System

Everyone knows that cooling system has an impact on the devices’ working characterisitcs. For example, your machine is hot. It is important to find the reason of it. The overheating makes damage of video card, processor or motherboard bridges. The cooling system usually consists of such components as:

  1. Cooling contour - pipes filled with circulating liquid;
  2. Term paste and cooler;
  3. Air inlets in the laptop corpus.

You should ask for reparation if:

  • Laptop works very slowly;
  • Machine is hot while it is working;
  • Laptop coolers work noisy;
  • Cooling system does not work.

Having one of these problems, you should send your device for repair work. The team of respectable specialists can help you to fix the situation or sell us used, pre-owned laptop. It can happen that all you need is cleaning cooling system. As a rule, you should clean your machine at least once a year. It is also worth saying that preventive measures help your machine live longer.

Watered Laptops

Do you know that some devices are not afraid of watering? The key factor is price policy. The keyboards are varied for different computer models. Some of them are built on the base of thin rubber membrane under the keys. This construction is water resistant in some cases.

The best preventive measure is keeping your electronic machine far from water and other liquids. If you have already watered your gadget, read the instruction to restore it:

Power your laptop off immediately. Take the battery out fast. It can happen that you work with your watered machine a week or more while it will be out of order. Do not wait for this moment. Take preventive measures.

Switch off all USB devices. Try to put your machine upside down to remove water.

The next step is calling for reliable assistance. Do not take your machine for details to dry it in the best way. Remember, you can damage details. Your watered machine NEEDS DIAGNOSTCS.

Attention! Never try to switch your watered laptop on until it was not professionally dried!

You can damage you laptop components, loosing information or motherboard. Do not make a risk, trying to solve the problem by your forces. There are many cases when people made attempts to dry their watered gadgets with their own efforts. The result of that were fault motherboard and defected hard disk. If your machine still works after watering, it means nothing. It takes 2-3- days to get useless machine.

Coffee, tea, soda are the worst enemies of your laptop. Just a drop of liquid is able to destroy your powerful machine. How much are going to pay for reparation then?

Selling Laptop

If you do not know for sure that paying big money for fixing and diagnostics is well-minded, you can sell us used pre-owned laptop of any working ability. It is a good variant to add some money and buy new machine. As a rule, people want to trade their fault devices for the main reason of:

Crashed display or motherboard. There is not big secret that replacing motherboard for new detail costs impressive sum. This is the costs for new detail element, reparation and diagnostics. How much is it? It is almost a half of a budget for a new laptop!

Faulty video card. This question is very popular for gaming machines. The prices to replace video chip can be different. Nevertheless, it is not worth your money. This is the true price for not bad pre-owned device of analogous model. Think about it!

Broken north and south bridges. This is the typical problem of hot season. It is especially timing when the laptop cooling system is damaged or never cleaned. Overheating is a root of many problems. The best variant to prevent it is periodically cleaning of your laptop. Remember that preventive dusting usually includes cleaning from dust, covering with new thermal paste and oiling coolers. These 3 components can help to be economical of your time and nerves. It is a pity, but users have no desire to pay their attention to simple facts. Sooner or later they have dead device.

The question of watering is the best-loved breakage for today. People like drinking coffee and tea, working with their machine at the while. The truth is not pleasant. 70 % of all watered device cannot be restored. The only one suitable variant is selling your laptop for parts. Sell us used, pre-owned laptop and you are offered the start budget to buy another machine with interesting characteristics and for bright price. Losing money is not the right variant!


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