Efficient Service Without Poolside Waiters

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Running a hotel is hard work. It's time consuming. There are lots of subsections that need to run perfectly and there is always work to be done. Employees at a hotel never have time to slack off, which means there needs to be somebody appointed for every single task.

The problem is, good waitstaff is hard to come by. Especially in a high class hotel where high school kids working for extra money won't cut it. Hotels need professional, well-spoken servers that reflect the quality and prestige of the hotel with their skills and customer service. Finding even a few servers that fit this description is tough and takes time. Wasting any one of these servers by making them only take drink order by the pool seems downright absurd. That's where a mobile ordering app comes in handy. By using a pool ordering app, you can have your waiters in other locations of the hotel where they are truly needed. Then, when somebody places an order from the pool using the bar menu app, they can simply take the drink in question to the who customer that requested it and then return to their original post.

Customers using the order drinks app can then take their time deciding on what they wish to order without wasting the waiter or waitress's time. Uploading a full menu of what the hotel has to offer to poolside guests (this should only be drinks, for hygiene purposes) onto the bar menu app will also give the customer the ability to see everything that is available. Usually, the waiter or waitress would have to inform the customer verbally of what the hotel has to offer or what drinks are on special. This is another big time waster for servers. The time they spend verbally reciting the menu and the specials could be used for other, more important tasks.

The pool ordering app cuts down on this time wasting and gives the customer time to decide what they want after considering all of the options. Customers often feel under pressure to give their orders if a waiter or waitress is with them while they decide. This leads to a customer that isn't fully satisfied, which is the last thing a reputable hotel wants. Another benefit of the mobile ordering app is that it lists the ingredients of each drink. This makes things easier for customers with allergies or those on a diet since they can see which drinks contain what ingredients.

If a customer wants to order drinks, the app can be downloaded directly to their smart phone. This makes it very easy for the customer since most hotels provide complimentary Wi-Fi. The customer might also already have the specific app that the hotel uses since these types of applications are used by many hotels to run things more efficiently.
Save time, save money and please your customers by upgrading to the 21st century's way of ordering drinks.

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