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How To Improve Waiter Efficiency And Customer Satisfaction

Edmund Brunetti

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No business gets more complaints and angry customers daily than a restaurant. The complaints about the quality of the food, the efficiency of the waiter and many other things are nonstop if a restaurant isn’t managed correctly.

Most often, the biggest problem that a restaurant has is a lack of efficiency from the waiters. While they might have excellent people skills and serve with a smile, it means nothing if they keep messing up orders and making customers wait too long for their food. This problem can easily be fixed by using a restaurant ordering app. A restaurant ordering app will help to improve the efficiency of your waiters.

By using a restaurant ordering app, you remove the usual ordering system of the waiter writing it down and then going to the POS. Or in some cases, the waiters still write it down and take it directly to the kitchen. Both of these methods leave a lot of room for error. A restaurant staff app takes away the room for error by making everything simple and digital.

A restaurant ordering system, or app, will improve waiter’s efficiency not only because it makes them faster, but also because it prevents them from making mistakes or forgetting the details of an order. The time that they save using the restaurant staff app can be better spent doing things like attending to other customers and checking in on customers. Since all of the details of the order are digitally entered at the table while the waiter or waitress is with the customer, the chance of a mistake being made is practically zero.

A restaurant food ordering app also has many other benefits. Since the menu is available on the app, waiters don’t have to go manually fetch a menu each time they want to price check or do anything else that they would need the menu for. Another benefit of a restaurant ordering system is that it makes the menu more accessible to people who speak other languages, since the menu can be translated. High resolution pictures of the menu items will also help people who cannot read very well to decide on what to order. If you’re dealing with a picky eater or somebody who has many allergies, the app can also have lists of the ingredients used in each dish to prevent any medical emergencies from occurring or food being sent back uneaten.

An application like WaiterMate is a good example of what was described in this article. The sole purpose of this application and others like it is to help restaurants to run more smoothly, taking the stress off waiting staff and making customers happier. These applications are ushering in a new era of food service, where things will run efficiently and with minimal room for error. It can only mean good things for employees and customers alike.

To all restaurant owners: Invest in a food ordering application today and see the difference it makes.

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