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How Mobile Application Development and Mobile Apps Changed, and Continue to Change, My Life


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My wristwatch lies in some forgotten, dark and dusty drawer; its ticks and tocks are sighs of despair. Left in a dark corner, it thinks of the attention it had received from my bored eyes; and it thinks evil thoughts of the mobile phone that separated us. My very first beaming, bright-eyed mobile showed the time quite well and my watch’s time with me came to an end. Since that day, smarter and younger mobiles have forced me to replace their predecessors, alluring me with their promise of something new—a promise they usually fulfilled.

I wonder if anyone remembers hand-held ‘video’ games. My mobile sounded the death knell for those too. Mobiles with greater memory and features did not let me feel the loss of one broken digital planner. Alarm clock that made the same boring sound was substituted with a mobile that allowed me to wake up to a disturbing rock song. I walked away from my walkman: my phone managed music better. Mobile application development, even before it acquired its present sophistication and market penetration, crept stealthily into my life and started getting rid of technologically inferior objects.

The smartphones, and the craze they’ve created, led to the development of apps that make smartphones smarter and smarter every day. I remember the scene from matrix where Neo says ‘I know Kung-fu’. There is something deeply satisfying when my phone suddenly knows (and tells me) about all the roads, where they lead, and how much traffic I’d have to face. My phone, thanks to an app, also tells me what sort of food I should eat, and how much (I obviously don’t listen, but that’s not the point).

Mobile application development has also helped me save time at work (time I can use to browse more apps). I downloaded an app called Evernote because someone had described it as the ‘Swiss army of note taking’, and I like Swiss army knives. This app actually changed my life: it’s so easy to take and manage all kinds of notes using this app that I’ve actually not forgotten anything of grave importance since a month! And I’ve got a record of a number of innovative and creative ideas I’d have otherwise forgotten. Another application that has made my life really easy: FlightTrack. I’ve not had to wait for a delayed flight at the airport: this app let me know about the delay beforehand.

I also love a number of games applications that give joy to the child inside me. My music-life has got a lot better with Pandora—it works and it is amazing. But the reason I really love mobile application development is Facebook and emails on my mobile. I don’t even need to use the PC or the laptop. My mobile has not yet sidelined those two, but most of my time is spent on the mobile; computers are just for some important work.

I love mobile apps because they have put entertainment, news, shopping, internet surfing, camera, music, games, utility, and a host of other things I need and don’t need in my hand. My smartphone is an extension of my mind, it’s changed the way I look at the world and it’s changed the world I live in, and that’s pretty cool.

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Jigar Shah is an owner at Tri-Force - a Web development company that offers iPhone application development , mobile application development and all Smartphone’s application.


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