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Telemarketing Campaign Tools Through Voice Messaging Solution


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Voice messaging Service (VMS) may be defined as a marketing tool with a human voice features. It is something both innovative and beneficial. This is known fact that human voice does wonder when it comes to the communication. It is highly cost effective as the company utilizing VMS would be able to reach out to an infinite number of people and the cost would be way lesser than humongous phone bill. It acts as an automatic voice dialer and presents the client with fine services. There are certain places and organizations where VMS can be utilized to the fullest and reap benefits for the company and also prove beneficial to the client as well.

There are certain places and organizations where VMS can be utilized to the fullest and reap benefits for the company and also prove beneficial to the client as well. The VMS works efficiently for several financial institutions like banks. It should be mentioned that the client or the clients utilizing VMS can very easily make automated calls for his many financial purposes like ACCOUNT NOTIFICATIONS, CREDIT CARD SALES, MUTUAL FUND SALES, and TRAINING YOUR AGENTS ON NEW POLICICIES just to name a few. VMS also boosts up the mobile marketing field as a touchy voice would not only expand business, but also create a good impression of the company. Travel as well as hospitality solutions can reach to its specific clients on wakeup calls, travel it nary costs, departure reminders and many more.

The VMS can be uploaded by your own choice and the VMS can include the voice of your brand ambassador who can be a celebrity like a movie star, socialite, an author, a singer or even a famous sportsperson. The VMS can also be used by the CEO of a certain company in order to greet all his employees. The VMS would act as a very handy tool for many Enterprises and can be also used by SME’s to communicate with their customers not to mention suppliers or their own employees. The VMS equates communication in a highly cost effective manner.

This sort of services are provided by few companies Max Mobility has been one of them.  Max Mobility has been a leader in the wireless application industry. The company offers several services in the form of Wireless Applications; Web based solutions and Application services. All these services go a long away in providing you with an edge over others in this really competitive world. The services also successfully draw a big smile across every client’s face.

MaxConnect is the first of its kind hosted Voice Messaging Service in India. To know more about this site, please visit


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