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The Line Between Laptop and Notebook


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The first time you heard about notebook, what did you think? If you ask me the same question, I was thinking about a paper or a diary with a pen on it. I thought it was generally used to save much information on our traditional books. Yeah, I was wrong. Now notebook is a different name for laptop. But why?

Well, the concept of this word (notebook=laptop) was taken because some people described laptop as the electronic form of the old “notebook". Both of them are small in size and they were designed to save important data/information. Of course at the present time many people are using their laptop also to play games, connect to the internet, etc.beside to save important data.

There is a saying, ‘the smaller the size of your laptop, the better. ’ Undoubtedly, this saying is true for most people. Unless you consider laptop as a desktop replacement, you will agree with this statement as well. Laptop has all the traditional “notebook" abilities, so it is not weird why some people use the word “notebook" to describe a laptop.

In leading countries such as the United States, you can see plenty of young people with their laptops everywhere. With the prices of laptop keep going down and everyone now becomes more mobile, the best choice for your internet and computer need is definitely a laptop. Yes, you can use PDA, iTunes, or even your cellphone but of course laptop is more needed and better for your needs. Don't forget you can experience all the new mobile connections such as HDSPA or even 4G better with your laptop.

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