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Are you sick of all the high priced notebooks out there? Does getting a used laptop seem like a better choice to you? Refurbished laptops are everywhere these days, and the word itself seems like a “buzz word" of the industry. But do these used machines actually hold up to the strict standard of the word “refurbished"?

In this article I will discuss exactly what process a used notebook should go through before it is called “refurbished", as well as the advantages and disadvantages purchasing one brings.

Ok, so you see refurbished or recertified laptops being touted everywhere online these days, but are they all the same? The answer is no. Each company has a different process of restoring a notebook, and they aren’t all equal. This is what a good restoration process should look like:

- An examination of all hardware components
- Diagnostic and performance test
- Cleanup
- Cut & scratch repair (not always necessary)

What this process should equate to is a machine that runs just as good as when it was brand new, (and sometimes look just as good).

The most important thing you can do if you are looking at a particular “recertified" laptop is find out about the company selling it. Are they reputable? How long have they been in business? What process do their refurbished laptops go through?

These are the most important questions you must ask. I’ll be honest here; there are many companies that claim that their notebooks are recertified, but this is really a lie. There is a risk involved when buying a reconditioned notebook, and checking a company out before you purchase can go a long way towards your peace of mind.

That being said, good deals and quality notebooks can be found, and are found daily.

Before I conclude this article I would like to go over a few of the advantages and disadvantages buying a refurbished notebook can bring. For one, the obvious advantage is that you can save a lot of money on a mobile PC that runs just as good as ever - as long as the laptop is of good quality. This is the advantage that appeals to everybody when it comes to getting a reconditioned laptop.

As for disadvantages? Well, as I said above, there is a risk when purchasing these notebooks. By doing proper research you can minimize this risk, but it will always be there. Another down side to these machines is that you are limited to whatever is available. With a new notebook your options are endless –- With a refurbished one, you have to take what you can get.

All in all, I think buying a refurbished laptop can be a great idea; provided you take the time to ask questions such as the ones above. If done correctly, you can get a great portable PC that will last you a long time to come, and save you a lot of cash as well.

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