Should Your Next PC Be A Tablet PC?


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If it’s time to consider getting a new laptop computer, you may want to look into getting a Tablet PC instead. A Tablet PC is the perfect choice for the professional on the go, or for anyone who is into mobile computing. The Tablet PC gives the user all the benefits of a regular laptop pc, with some really cool features which are only found in a Tablet PC.

Tablet PCs come with the Windows XP operating system, but it’s the Tablet PC version. It’s the same Windows XP Professional that you’re already accustomed to using, but it has a really handy added feature called Pen and Ink which allows the use of handwriting as input. The pen is used as a navigational instrument which operates like a mouse, and allows for quickly accessing any program or file within the Tablet PC.

Portability is just one of the perks that a Tablet PC has to offer. Flexibility is another strong point with Tablet PCs. Users can choose between a slate style Tablet PC, or a convertible model. Slate model Tablet PCs do not have an attached keyboard, while the convertible models have an integrated keyboard. Users who opt for the slate model can attach a keyboard externally if needed. Some models even come with detachable keyboards, adding even more flexibility to the Tablet PC.

You can buy your new Tablet PC with almost any of the devices that you’re used to using on a laptop. The Tablet Pc can sport a DVD or CD-RW drive internally, or users can opt for one internal and the other be used as an external device. For long meetings or working extended periods at home, the user may make use of a docking station. When used along with an attached external keyboard, the Tablet PC functions as comfortably as a desktop PC.

The average Tablet PC has a standard 512mb of memory and is equipped with a 60 GB hard drive. If you’re into gaming, then you may want to upgrade to 1 GB of RAM and possibly a 160 GB hard drive. The CPU usually falls within the 1.2 GHz to 2 GHz range, which gives the Tablet PC more than enough muscle to run all but the most demanding software.

As with any Pc purchase, it’s always best to know what software the Tablet PC is intended to primarily run to insure you get the components needed for the best possible performance of the machine. If you’re looking for a powerful, portable computer, the Tablet PC may just suit your needs better than a traditional laptop.

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