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You probably see people almost everyday carrying a little computer device that enables them to retrieve phone numbers, addresses, listen to MP3 files, show off pictures, alerts them to appointments and you wonder why there is a smile on their face? Wonder no more. Palm pilots are helping the average Joe keep on track with very little effort.

Palm pilots have come along way since the very first one left the production line. At first all they could do is store some contact information like numbers and addresses. In todays quest for the ultimate electronic companion the birth of a new palm pilot era was born.

Also known as a PDA (personal digital assistant), the palm has evolved into a gigantic information storing device that is light enough and small enough to fit in your pocket. How is this possible? Technology moves at the speed of light. Everything is getting faster, smaller, and more powerful. Palm pilots are no exception to this.

Some of the vast features a PDA has are:

1)8-60MB of memory with expansion slots for upgrades

2)High resolution color screens

3)Play MP3 files

4)Stores numerous names addresses and phone numbers

5)Headphone and external speaker jack

6)E-mail and wireless internet connection available

7)Palm OS software installed and synchronizes with a main computer through infra red connection or USB

8)Stores notes, appointments, photos, and memos

9)Software such as games, dictionary and many more

10)Store photos with contact info, 7 day advance reminder for appointments

Holy cow! If you haven't looked at palm pilots in awhile you should see what you're missing. Take the average Mom. She has to keep the house running, balance career, family and more. It's easy to forget things. Thanks to the mobile computer Dad bought her, she have everything under control, doesn't miss an appointment, and doesn't miss a beat.

The busy professional is trying to keep everything in line all at the same time. The human brain can only handle so much before it starts to misplace and forget valuable information. A PDA will store all important contacts and more and all you have to do is touch a button and it's instantly there!

Think the kids can't operate computers these days? Guess again. Our children must be taught the ways of the computer. Almost every job has some interaction with technology. Students are on a busy schedule too. Palm pilots allow them to focus on what is important. Storing test dates, class times and more has never been easier.

Palm pilots were created to help us manage our lives better. Their main function is memory recall. You can enter in what you via a laptop, desktop, or manually. The PDA stores it and recalls the information at the touch of a button effortlessly. As technology progresses, the functions and useability become easier to use. A handheld computer like the palm pilot is easy to operate with on screen instructions and easy one touch buttons. Nothing could be easier.

Palm pilots are forever advancing and as that happens they get easier to use, do more and a PDA is as convenient as sliced bread.

Online Crazy Deals has palm pilots to suit every need. Mobile computing technology doesn't have to be expensive, so OCD has found ways to give everyone a chance to own a PDA.


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