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Thermal Printing & Thermal Paper Rolls

Uday Patel

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Thermal Printing is a digital process which produces a black and white print without the use of an ink cartridge or ribbon. The process involves use of paper which is previously coated with dyes and related chemicals and is sensitive to heat. This process is known as thermionic and the paper or paper roll involved is known as thermal paper.

Whence the paper passes through the print head of the thermal printer the coated area in contact reacts to the heat and produces an image on the paper sue to the chemical change that takes place. Color print mostly red can also be obtained by using different levels of heat using two colored direct printer. But in the case of receipts and simple images color production is usually not required hence this kind of printer has become very popular all over the globe.

The mechanism of thermal printer comprises of a head which does the printing on paper pushed forward by a platen roller which feeds the paper and springs which provide the right pressure on the thermo sensitive paper to come in contact with the head.

The paper used comprises of a fluoron leuco dye and an acid apart from other chemicals coated upon it. The chemical upon heating by the printer head react with each other to form a color which quickly solidifies on the paper to produce a colored imprint. Since the use of printers is widespread on ATM machines, receipt printers, cash registers and adding machine the paper roll version is in high demand globally. These gadgets are used by many businesses as they are more efficient than the dot matrix printers and much more portable and easy to handle. The printers are also used for scientific explorations by major institutes all over the World.

In order to get the right results quality thermal paper from reputed manufacturer is much in demand. The quality thermal paper rolls are supplied in varied specifications. The roll size should perfectly fit the printing machines as well as work smoothly. The chemical coating should be without blemish and contain quality materials.


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