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Importantance of Destroying Your Discarded Hard Drive

Lora Davis

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No matter how careful we are with our various electronic devices, they all inevitably need to be replaced for one reason or another – something breaks beyond repair, the device just quits working right for some reason, or maybe it is just to old to be updated to current technology standards – either way, they all need replacing from time to time. The trouble is that all of these devices have hard drives and little memory chips that carry all of our precious and confidential information and any good hacker can lift this information even if we totally delete everything on them before we dispose of the devices – that is why it is so important to get in touch with an IT asset disposal Chicago company when it is time to dispose of your outdated electronic devices.

Honestly, one of the best ways to be absolutely certain that your data is totally gone, that nobody can get their hands on it to hack you, is to have your hard drive totally destroyed. The problem with that is that it takes a special hard drive shredder to ensure utter hard drive destruction and, that is not a common or cheap piece of equipment to get a hold of for personal use. That is why you really need to work with an IT asset disposal Chicago company - this sort of company has the specialized equipment and the knowledge to safely destroy your hard drive so that nobody can cause you any harm.

Because of the nature of a hard drive, using a proper hard drive shredder is vital. No ordinary paper shredder will do the job, even if it is built to shred mass volumes of paper, it will still not be tough enough to shred the plastic and metal pieces that make up a hard drive. Plus, the circuits are really tiny on a hard drive so a standard shredder might miss them and leave them intact so that your information and data are still accessible to someone who might mean you harm.

There are other options for device disposal – you can use a computer recycling service for example – but, only in hard drive destruction will your data be completely annihilated – any other method could leave minute traces of your data that a good enough hacker might be able to reconstitute. That seems like it would be an awful lot of hassle to me but, you never know what a desperate or curious enough criminal might do to hack someone.

Whether you decide to have your computer simply recycled or you decide to invest in IT asset disposal Chicago is entirely up to you. The important thing here is that you feel secure in your decision and, like I said, hard drive destruction is really the only way to make sure that all of your data is destroyed and inaccessible to not so wholesome characters.
This article is penned by Lora Davis for AVA Recycling who is the leading IT Asset Disposition Chicago company.


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