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About Printer and Computer Peripherals

Uday Patel

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From simple dot matrix printer to more advance versions like laser and color ink jet printer. While the former prints in black and white the latter is as the name suggest. These are modern day computer peripherals attached to deliver finest computer graphics and images. The evolution started with electronic line printers and daisy wheel which were followed by the popular dot matrix systems.

Desktop publishing required machines that delivered much higher resolutions and faster output. This was accomplished by laser printers which followed the dot matrix. As low cost solutions the ink jet systems replaced the older dot matrix printers. But as compared to laser jet the output was of much lower quality. The LED printer is another advancement that has taken place in the printing world.

Printers are basically of various types the toner based, solid ink, liquid inkjet, dry sublimation and inkless printers. The latter are thermal based printers used in ATM machines, gas dispensers and cash registers.

There evolved many type of printers besides those mentioned above. Most of these products are obsolete or used in special circumstances. Some of the accessories used in printers are mentioned below.

Toner is used in laser printers it is a powder contained in a cartridge. It is basically a mixture of sugar, polymer, carbon and iron oxide. Color cartridges available for modern printers are in form of cyan, magenta and CMYK. Being and expensive component it can be refilled to economize but there is a limit to this process as wear and tear eventually takes place making them completely redundant for reuse.

The component for inkjet printers is a cartridge which contains ink that can be deposited on paper. The most common types are the thermal and piezoelectric the latter is manufactured under the brand name Epson.
In the factories toners are manufactured in bulk and repacked into cartridges to be sold as peripheral. Refilling is possible and consumers can avail these cartridges at cheaper rates. Many manufacturers resort to programs for collecting and recycling cartridges for resale.

The cartridges are sold through retails outlets or through local suppliers at prices that vary as per demand cycle. Many consumers go online at paper product sites in order to get the best bargain.

Uday writes often on branded inkjet cartridges used in printers. He writes on computer peripherals popular in the market. Uday writes often on office products.


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