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Creative Uses for Old Electronics

Kamil Jain

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We have old electronics stuffed in the drawers, in a dark corner in the garage or somewhere in the cabinets along the hallway. You certainly do not need these old electronics in your home. They take more of your living space than you can imagine.

You might be not willing to give them up at a low price to the local recycling brokers. Furthermore, they may be damaged to a point where no one will be willing to pay for them. Whatever the case, there are ways you can manage your e-waste at home.

When you electronics get to the end of their life, you can select various destinies for them, depending on their current condition. Here are some of the things you could do with your e-waste:

Reuse them

Before you perform a computer recycle, your old PC could become a web server. In addition, your daughter or son would be glad to have a computer in their room; no matter how outdated it seems to you. Your first cellphone may also be of help in various ways. For instance, android-based gadgets create good audio players or gaming devices.

Your smartphone could be turned into an alarm clock. For the outdated iPad, it can make a nice digital photo frame. Even where the device does not function, some of the parts may be in good shape. You can use an old hard drive as an additional external storage, for your new computer.

Remodel the parts

Some of the old computer parts can be used in other ways at home before you think of taking them to Chicago computer recycling center or any other. For example, the plastic cover that holds the monitor can be a great shelter for your pet. You only need to decorate its exterior and place a soft padding for your cat or puppy to sleep on.

The monitor can also be made into a small aquarium. What about a set of cufflinks from the keyboard buttons? The bottom line is there is a lot you can do with those old parts. Use the internet to find DIY e-waste project ideas.

Pass them to your friends

Find out whether your friends and neighbors would care to possess some of your old electronics. Give out the ones, which can be reused.

Gather all e-waste for a pick up or drop off

If there are fragments, which cannot be used, bundle the parts up, ready to drop them off at the nearest electronics-recycling joint.

Be a good ambassador of the environment, by making the most of your old electronics. Reuse, recycle and give to your family members, friends and neighbors.

About the author:

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