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Convenience in the Convenience Store

David Martin

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People like convenience stores – because that is just it, it is convenient. It has all the basic necessities that you can buy without having to go far and waste gas. The best way to get there is to walk, which actually provides you time and leisure to sweat a few pounds off. When in the convenience store, you will be able to see two items that have been in all stores since their beginning. That’s easy, you can just imagine when going inside that there is the barcode scanner, sitting beside a cash drawer. These are two staple tools that have always been there but that have not been given too much attention.

Today marks a difference. We will go into a quick getting to know you of the barcode scanner and the cash drawer.

Bravo barcode scanner

Okay, so as you enter the store, you walk around a few minutes, find what you need, grab it, go to the counter and give it to the pretty cashier wearing a brilliant smile. She grabs the item and looks for the bar code and swipes it on a tool. Hmm, that’s already it – the barcode scanner. It is the barcode scanners that capture the details in the tag and tell you how much the item costs.

What is it? It reads the information contained in a barcode, sends it to a system in the computer so the system can decode and translate it into letters and numbers. It has three parts, namely:

  1. The Scanner – is the one that reads the code, and transmits it to the decoder.
  2. The Decoder – it is software that understands and decodes the code to become something understandable, whether the name or the price will show up, so you can prepare how much you have to pay to the cashier.
  3. The Cable – is the one connecting the device to a computer so that the cashier will be able to process the payment based on the schedule.

Chic Cash Drawers Now that you know that the juice you brought is for $5, you take out $10 and give it to the cashier, who continues to smile at you as she presses something on her system and a box opens up, where she puts your ten bucks in, and gets your five bucks change out. That is the cash drawer. Only a few people have not met the cash drawer, as most of the stores in the world already have that tool to assist them in their business. The drawer allows you to do the following:

  1. Calculate the payments – how much you owe minus how much you paid equals to the change due to you. It does all the arithmetic for the cashier.
  2. Record sales transactions – this is a way to make sure that all items have been paid and to check whether the cashier was able to input it correctly.
  3. Cash drawer – during the time that the store opens to its close, the cashier will store the cash here for easier transactions as well as to provide change to the customer.
  4. Prints receipts – this is essential as the customer might go back to report any damaged product, and they can rightfully do so because there is a receipt coming from your convenience store.

We might not notice these two in the run of our daily lives, but they are two tools that set the convenience in a convenience store.


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