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ASUS Z87 Deluxe Motherboard Review

Rey Basti

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The ASUS Z87 Deluxe is one of the best z87 motherboard you can have. It packs with features that will take your computing system into higher level. The board supports the Haswell processors from Intel in socket 1150 platform. The board’s ultimate performance can be achieved with the best processor with no other than the Core i7-4770K, it is the unlock version so that you can overclock it above 4.5GHz.

The board is powered by Z87 chipset that promises a lot better performance as oppose to its older rival Z77 chip. It provides six native SATA 6GB/s, six USB 3.0 ports and supports the latest PCIe 3.0 with both SLI and CrossFireX compatibility. The new instruction it provides takes it to the next level of performance.

The Looks And Connectivity

The board has an awesome fine print that completely moves away from its previous blue and black color scheme. The Z87 series motherboard from Asus is now presented in a new appearance with yellow, gold and black which by far better than the previous Deluxe versions.

You can notice huge heatsinks around the key components such as the regulator circuitry and the Z87 chipset itself. This will secure them from intense heat it may generate during tough conditions especially when the CPU is being overclocked.

The CPU socket provides enough space in case you wish to upgrade the cooling system to withstand greater heat during overclock. There are four DIMM slots provided that support DDR3 up to 3000MHz OC with 32GB capacities.

You can’t be short with its SATA ports as it provides 10 SATA 6GB/s ports so that you can connect all your storage devices to maximize its usage. There are three PCIe slots available on the board with the first two supports x16 or dual x8/x8 while the third runs at x4. You also have four PCIe 1x in between the PCIe 16x slots.

When we take a look at the back I/O panel, we can see an army of ports that any enthusiasts may be grateful of. There are four USB 2.0 in black and six USB 3.0 in blue for a total of ten ports. You also have two LAN ports in RJ45, S/PDIF out, USB BIOS Flaskback button, Bluetooth connector for Wi-Fi Go! Card and six audio ports. The board provides the latest video port you can have that supports the newest display such as the HDMI, Display port and the mini Display port without the vintage VGA and DVI ports.


Overclocking the Asus Z87 Deluxe with Core i7-4770K gives you more room for improvement however, be sure to upgrade your CPU cooling system to achieve its maximum potential and prevents the processor from damaging because, the stock cooler is not capable for it.

As you go on with the manual tweaking you will find out that it is easier to overclock by simply raising the multiplier from x35 to x49 while leaving the base clock at 100MHz. If you want to reach 4.5GHz speed set the multiplier to x 45 and you will arrive at 4.5GHz (100MHz x 45).

We want to push it harder up to 4.9GHz with the multiplier set to x49 and increase the voltage at 1.43v to hit the said frequency. The temperature rises drastically but, with the proper cooler it goes to a manageable spot. The performance significantly increase, for hours of testing the system delivers great stability.

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