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Intel Core-i7 3770K Review – Best Intel Processor

Rey Basti

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The Ivy Bridge processor is the third generation core processor from Intel. This new generation of processor is almost the same as the second generation commonly known as the Sandy Bridge processor. Most people are being confused if it creates a big leap over the previous generation so that they can quickly jump into an upgrade.

To answer this question is definitely not a huge improvement compare to the Sandy Bridge but, still there is a 5% increase in its performance. Therefore, if you have any of the Sandy Bridge processor on your system it is not advisable to advance into Ivy Bridge if you’re looking for a speed demon performance.

On the plus side, if you don’t have any of the Sandy Bridge and you’re planning to build a beast computer rig the Ivy Bridge is definitely a good choice with some advantages on it. Firstly, it offers a lower price that may save you more bucks. Secondly, it draws less power from 95w down to 77w in every Ivy Bridge processor which is good news for those who wants to save energy.

And lastly, it offers a better graphics performance in the form of HD4000. Although, some hard core gamers tend to disregard the integrated graphics, it can match any low to mid graphics card out there so that you can play some games comfortably. The Intel Core-i7 3770K is the Ivy Bridge Quad Core top contender that promises a superb performance in any desktop PC applications.

This processor runs at default speed of 3.5GHz with 8MB L3 cache memory to further boost its performance. The Core-i7 3770K is the unlock version so that you can freely set your desired multiplier provided with a descent cooling system.

Admittedly, the new Ivy Bridge Core-i7 3770K has a slight increase in its performance over the older Sandy Bridge processor and a lower power consumption resulting in its cooler temperature when overclocked is the processor’s greatest asset. This will greatly benefits the laptop users to enjoy the longer battery life for a more productivity use.

The HD4000 integrated graphics delivers good improvements over the HD3000 found in Sandy Bridge that removes the tearing effects that works in tandem with the discrete graphics card through the Virtu MVP. The QuickSync feature is the fastest way to convert your video into different format.

Intel has made a smart move from continuously using their existing socket 1155 motherboards to support any of the Ivy Bridge processor. A simple BIOS update from the older board will run the Core-i7 3770K if you try to insist to upgrade your Sandy Bridge processor.

Although, a quick jump from Sandy Bridge 2600K to Ivy Bridge 3770K doesn’t give you a massive performance gain Intel has given us the opportunity to embrace the newer architecture trough the same socket with a minimal cost to upgrade.

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