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The Best 3TB Hard Drive

Rey Basti

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Choosing the best 3TB hard drive for your computer rig is vital to anyone without having idea which drive will perfectly suit them. A 3TB disk space is huge enough to handle your important files such as your collection of photos, MP3’s, movies and programs.

Mechanical drives are the one that can give you this capacity compare to SSD’s with limited space and too expensive for backup purposes. Mechanical prices are starting to drop so that it became more affordable to the masses to enjoy enormous storage.

The new improved version of Seagate Barracuda 3TB ST3000DM001 is a good choice is your looking for fast, reliable and yet slim that will fit in any desktop PC. This is due to its highly dense platter design with 1TB per disc that tremendously eliminate its bulkiness in contrast with the older 5-disc platter design.

This further reduces its power consumption and promotes a faster seeking time due to the closeness of its tracks on the disk itself. The Seagate 3TB drive spins at 7,200rpm with a built-in 64MB of cache and runs in SATA 6GB/s interface that all contributed to its fast performance. As a result, it achieves a 200MB/s speed limit which is too fast for mechanical drive.

The Western Digital Red 3TB WD30EFRX is an exceptional NAS drive that will fit in your small office or home network system. This is an enterprise class drive that will work in 24/7 environment, this is also excellent for backup purposes for your computer. The WD Red 3TB is all about reliability that makes all your files safe.

If you think that the an enterprise class drive is too expensive not the WD 3TB WD30EFRX that comes in a very affordable price. The drive spins at 5,400rpm with SATA 6GB/s interprise with 64MB memory internal cache to speed up its performance. Western Digital has a detailed specs of 145MB/s on this drive to give you a fast 5,400rpm drive.

The Western Digital Caviar Green 3TB WD30EZRX is another cool drive that will satisfy your backup needs. In order to achieve a quiet drive it operates at lower speed of 5,400rpm and to boost its performance it is geared with 64MB of cache memory in a SATA 6GB/s interface.

The drive belongs to the Green series from Western Digital that promises to lower its power utilization up to 40-percent. This increases its reliability when working at cooler environment and silent process as well. The WD Green 3TB performs at an admirable speed of 146MB/s maximum transfer speed which is fast enough for a 5,400rpm drive.

Final Words

If you need a fast hard drive that will serve as your primary drive the Seagate Barracuda 3TB ST3000DM001 is definitely an excellent choice. If you’re planning to build a NAS for your Small office applications nothing can give you better than Western Digital Red 3TB WD30EFRX. If a huge backup for your files is needed the Western Digital Caviar Green 3TB WD30EZRX is right for you.

There you have it, these are the Best 3TB Hard Drive you can get in the market today. If you want to read more of the Best 2TB Hard Drive you can visit our site as we give you an in depth review of hard drives and SSD’s.


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