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Different Copiers For Different Purpose

Dan Boateng

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There is only one reason why anybody will buy a copier, that is, for making paper-based copies of important documents for distribution and/or later reference. However, not all copiers have the same capacity to carryout jobs in the same manner. For example, there are copiers meant for the home. There are those used for office work and others meant for commercial purposes. Depending on the purpose for which it was acquired, the design will be different. This is usually informed by the level of demand on the machine.

For the purpose of buying a copier for the home, the best selection will be a smaller and lighter kind of copier. This kind of copiers are not expected to be that robust given the fact that demand in terms of how it used is not heavy. It may be just one person and/or the family who use it for copying a few pages of documents. Another thing about using a copier in the home is that there is no little urgency in carrying out jobs. This means the time taken to process a job is not of prime importance. So an inkjet or desk jet copier, for instance, may not be such as a bad choice.

On the other hand, if the copier was purchased for office use, then the requirements will be much different from that of the home. The office may have many people using the same copier to copy important documents. The copier must be robust enough to be able to handle the demands of staff members. It must be able to copy documents faster enough to allow other people within the same space perform their duties and meet their respective deadlines. Quality in terms of clarity is very important. Since documents reproduced by the copier will be used for future references, it is important they are clear enough even after a long period of time.

For commercial use of copiers, one must look at copiers with very high quality, robust and can handle demand all day long even if it is 24/7. It must be able to reproduce documents at top speed and with top quality in terms of clarity. Since most of the work done with commercial kind of copiers will for clients, there should be no compromise on these issues. Click here to see an example.


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