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Maintenance And Servicing Of Ball Screws


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Ball screws are used for the big feature they render of decreased friction. They can handle or apply increased force and are able to accomplish it with much decreased internal friction. Due to their increased degree of correctness, they are made use of in aircrafts and weaponry and in automotive power steering. Moreover, they are made use of in machine tools, precision equipment and robots. Still higher precision ball screws are used in steppers for creating semiconductors. So it is obvious that ball screws are utterly helpful where increased perfection is necessary. And therefore caution needs to be applied to make them function as slickly as possible.


Ball screws should be sufficiently lubricated from time to time. When the lubrication is improper, both the metalic planes will come in contact with one another in course of time which will cause friction, which consequently will bring about shortening of functioning life of the ball screws. Ball screw lubricants are divided in 2 sorts, viz. oil and grease. Many times, when maintenance is concerned, continual using of grease gives rise to linear rise in dynamic friction torque apart from elevating rotating rate, hence use of oil is taken as better alternative when pace is greater than 3-5 m/min. But it needs to be thought upon that there are cases of applying grease being capable of providing momentum of ten m/min, when equipment is thought upon.


Another terrible injurious factor for the ball screw is any strange item or water. They give rise to more friction and lower the life of ball screw. It is up to the environment where the ball screws are functioning. The substances floating in that environment can get into ball screws with ease, which has to be forbidden if we desire to maintain their slick running. In such an ambience, the shaft has to be sheltered carefully, in order to check the entrance of foreign items.

Offset load

Offset load is a phenomenon which straight influences screw life. The arrangement of ball screws is such that the diameter of the screw is proportional to the load it has to experience. If correctness is not observed in this, issue of offset loading may be generated. This can be known by sensing with hand as well as sound. If we feel the appliance, we can experience its rough functioning, besides coarse sound. When you observe these signs, you have to unload functioning immediately. You have to even abstain from functioning right away after assembling. Various amounts of offset load are noticed and they are linked with poor accuracy while assembling.

The foremost reason for making use of ball screw is the low friction it renders. Low friction of ball screw gives high efficiency as compared to lead screws and rest of the options. A typical ball screw renders ninety percent accuracy when compared to the 50 percent accuracy of lead screw of equal dimensions. Lack of friction extends life of ball screw assembly and lessens downtime for maintenance and reduces necessity for lubrication. Because of this, the overall running and minimum power want can surpass the preliminary price of ball screws. Thus if we be careful about the screws we acquire the required advntages of its use.

If you need more info about ball screws, look for ball screw lead or ball screw assembly , for example.


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