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Replacement Apple Macbook Pro Laptop Battery


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If you Macbook laptop is experiencing battery problems such as the battery won't hold a charge, you have three options which include have apple replace the battery if your Macbook laptop is still under warranty, had a repair shop replace it, or replace it yourself.

People will replace a battery that has failed on a Macbook that is under two years old. There are some who are reporting that although they are experiencing the battery problem with the Macbook, since it has been over two years since they bought their Macbook, Apple won't replace the batteries.

The program extends the macbook battery repair coverage for as much as two years after the battery was bought for the Macbook and Apple will continue evaluation of the update program for the batteries and will provide further extensions as required.

Common problems include the battery pack becoming deformed, a fully charged battery runs out quickly, and the Macbook battery fails to charge after having been plugged in to an AC power outlet. If the battery in your Macbook is deformed you're eligible for a replacement. However, you'll have to make an appointment with an Apple representative.

First, your Macbook isn't in any danger. It's a battery performance problem only. Apple has stated the factors that are causing the performance problems don't present a safety risk and you can continue to use your current battery.

The next thing that you should try is battery update 1.2 which is the software that improves functionality by updating the battery's firmware. You should run the battery update be run on all Macbook Pro and MacBook computers and extra batteries that were bought between February 2006 and April 2007. You can download the software update and install it. This battery update requires at least OS 10.4.8.

If your Macbook is still having a problem after running Battery Update you should make an appointment to bring your Macbook into your local Apple authorized service provider or Apple store.

If you're somewhat technically resourceful and you'd like to try some other things prior to taking it in for servicing, you can begin by determining how often your battery has recycled. Your Macbook pro battery should still be working properly after as many as 300 cycles. This might tell you if maybe your problem is that the battery is too old to hold a charge.

Tips for Macbook Pro battery:

1. Charge your battery until the light ring or LED power adapter plug changes to green.
2. Allow the battery to cool for at least 2 hours. It is ok to use your laptop while charging but continuous charging can affect the performance of laptop battery.
3. Now unplug the AC adapter and allow the computer to run on battery. Do not run down your laptop battery to critical condition i. e. when the battery gets low a warning will appear on screen.
4. Now save your work and continue to use your computer. When it gets very low it will go to sleep.
5. Allow it to sleep or turn it off for 5 more hours.
6. Reconnect Ac adapter until it's fully charged again.

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