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The Best 120GB SSD You Can Get - Corsair Force Series GT 120GB Review

Rey Basti

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If you’re looking for the best 120GB SSD with enthusiast grade, therefore, it’s time for you learn about the Corsair Force GT. We all know that, lower capacity SSD particularly a 120GB is slower than 240GB. But, in the case of the Corsair Force GT 120GB you’ll be surprised to discover that you’re getting more than the expected values.

After the release of the Corsairs Force 3 series, it suffers from few issues. Corsair’s come back to follow it shortly with these new Force GT which is available in 60GB, 120GB, 180GB and 240GB. All of these are well priced that makes it very affordable to anyone who’s thinking a quick jump upgrade or plans to build a monster PC.

Even though it comes in a very attractive price, the Force GT is made of best quality components that makes it stand out from its competition. Inside of it, we can see a total of 16 NAND chips, eight on each side with 8GB per chip. These SSD runs at 8-channel configurations therefore, it composed of 2 chips per channel.

What makes it fast? The Force GT is made of 25nm Synchronous ONFi 2 NAND from Micron that brings in a top of the line enthusiast grade. This is in contrast with the Force 3 that uses only an Asynchronous NAND chips. This is the main reason why the Force GT boosts its performance over the Force 3.

This drive uses a high end SandForce SF-2281, probably the fastest controller you get up to date commonly found in a high priced SSD. The SF-2281 controller drives the SATA 3 6GB/s interface that can deliver up to 555MB/s of read speed. No need to worry if you still don’t have the SATA 3, the Force GT is fully compatible with SATA 2 but we can expect a degrade in its performance.

The Force GT is made of standard 2.5 inch that may fit in any laptop and also comes with a 3.5 inch drive bay adapter that may perfectly suit your PC casing. Today we’ll discover how the Force GT 120GB will compete against the fastest 240GB out there.

Testing the Corsair Force GT 120GB

All SSD’s are tested using the following common components. Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5 2400, Asus P8P67 Deluxe motherboard, 8GB DDR3 1300Mhz memory, Asus 5550 graphics card, XFX 850w power supply. The results can be seen on the table.

The results in read test is far exceeded our expectations, it surpass the 500MB/s mark thus producing an excellent numbers of 502.7MB/s in sequential, 436.3MB/s in 512K and 32.89 in 4K. This clearly beats the Crucial M4 256GB that uses the Marvel 9174 controller resulting in a 492.1MB/s, 418.2MB/s and 23.96MB/s. The OCZ Vertex 3 dominates the chart that uses the same SF-2281 controller.

On the other hand, the Force GT continuously producing a good number in write performance at 197.7MB/s, 196.5MB/s and 91.43MB/s but, it lags behind the two jam pack M4 and Vertex 3. Considering the Vista loading test, the M4 leads with only 3 seconds over the GT while 2 seconds faster in CS5. The Vertex 3 is still the all time king of the hill, no question about it because it packs with 240GB.


The Corsair Force GT 120GB shows an outstanding performance here, hands down. This is far way better than its rival Force 3 by all means. Although it offers in a budget price, it uses the top of the line components you can get such as the SandForce SF-2281 controller and Synchronous NAND from Micron.

However it doesn’t get the fastest position, we can be sure to its enthusiast grade results considering a 120GB, this is faster than its competitors equivalent sizes. What do we learn from here? The Force GT are for those who are in needs of 120GB drive that doesn’t want to spend much for 240GB, this is definitely the best 120GB SSD you can get.

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