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Common Laptop and Notebook Touchpad Faults

Graham Kelly

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Laptops lack a mouse but come with a touchpad; the user operates this by dragging a fingertip over the flat pad rather than moving a computer mouse across a surface. However, it may fail either partially, or often it can fail totally. Happily, you can link up an external mouse to the laptop if your touchpad fails. Nevertheless, unless the faulty touchpad is disabled or switched off both of them may interact. Despite hooking up an external computer mouse the cursor might occasionally arbitrarily move on the screen as the touchpad remains partially operating. There are 2 ways that you'll be able to eliminate this function, the details are listed below.

Several laptops use a function key designed to enable and turn off the touchpad. The F8 key together with the Fn key will usually let you turn on or switch off the touchpad. Depending upon the make and type of laptop the function key switch might be made to function from a different key push combination or most likely are not available at all. Search for a little switch possibly near the touchpad or along the side of the laptop case; this might manage the touchpad. Fortunately, for laptops without a switch or function key operation to turn off the touchpad an alternative software program alternative is available. You may use the mouse configuration function located in the Windows Control Panel to achieve this. To disarm click on the Start Menu and select Control Panel, double-click upon Mouse, simply click Device Settings, and then click Disable. Once you select OK the touchpad will be entirely turned off.

Should the touchpad functions properly more often than not but just sometimes twitches or steps the cursor a couple of pixels, there is computer software that may save you using an USB computer mouse while word processing. There's a no cost package called Touchfreeze that can stop all these annoying cursor actions if you are word processing. When you are using your laptop clicking buttons, on the net or playing online games, Touchfreeze has no influence. Even so, when you are word processing, it will turn off the touchpad. So normal functioning of the laptop should be unaffected. If you utilize a word processor while the mouse pointer or cursor aimlessly advances around characters or lines, then Touchfreeze will probably eradicate this effect. This really is handy where you are using a properly performing laptop, and you by accident make contact with the touchpad while operating a wordprocessor.

The steps you take to overcome a defective touchpad vary depending upon how you use your laptop. Should you can use it like a desktop computer, for example it is usually positioned at a fixed location like a table, then updating the touchpad function with an external mouse could replace the touchpad function. Although, should you not have space for an external computer mouse, or else you need to use it while traveling, you'll undoubtedly want the touchpad mending or exchanging with a new unit.

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