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Remanufactured printer cartridges - A real investment


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The remanufactured inkjet cartridge is the increasingly popular choice of consumers, who see the alarmingly high cost of replacing a used cartridge with a similar version. At around half the price it makes total sense to go down this route, especially as the alternative is every bit as reliable as the expensive original. The process of remanufacture is quite a complex one, with many tests and inspections, but ultimately the actions are worthwhile, as millions of people worldwide can testify.

The first part of the procedure necessitates some sophisticated examinations of the print heads and electronics within the framework, using special electrical equipment that searches for blemishes, or signs of previous refilling. There is no margin for error, it is either 100% pass or the cartridge is disregarded. Once accepted the remanufacturing process then begins in earnest. An intense period of cleaning takes place, using ultrasound instrumentation of the highest technical specification, with the cartridge left spotless, as all remaining ink is completely flushed from the system, before finally being cleansed in a powerful solution.

The next stage of the remanufacture is the refilling of the cartridge, and this requires a great deal of skill, which fortunately is possible by the use of highly advanced machinery, developed by some incredibly clever minds. For the correct measures to be achieved, there must be a balance between the flow of the ink, together with the pressure and vacuum created. These machines are capable of refilling multiple cartridges at the same time, as they have huge capacities, meaning that once set at the desired levels, all the loaded cartridges get filled at the same time in a refined and controlled operation.

The cartridges are now ready for resealing, a technique that is so expertly carried out, that it is impossible to actually tell that it has been refilled. This then needs to be stringently tested, over several stages, which include print tests that will be conducted by using a basic inkjet printer, designed to receive that particular cartridge. A test pattern is then put in place to gauge the quality of the printout, plus test-strips are created that enable a separate test to be run, to determine if the nozzles encased within are firing in good order. Altitude pressure is another necessary check, as there is a probability that the cartridge will leak during shipment, should it be set too high.

Upon completion of these tests, there will be one final thorough physical inspection, before they are ready for packaging. The print heads are taped using another piece of equipment that ensures that the application is undertaken to guarantee that the precise pressure requirements are met. Any slight failure at this stage and all the previous hard work could go to waste and the remanufactured cartridge might well be damaged for good. They are then sealed in bags and boxed up with print heads facing down and ready for retail. It is a fascinating journey, but a very worthwhile one too, for which a great many millions of folk are extremely thankful to.

If you are seeking remanufactured inkjet cartridges just take a look at there is a whole selection to choose from, including the well known pgi 220 ink cartridges.


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Remanufactured quality cartridges aiding the environment
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