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Why do I Need RAM, Should I Add Extra RAM to my Laptop?

Graham Kelly

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Random access memory is normally shortened to RAM can be found inside of a laptop and is critical for software applications to work smoothly. If there is inadequate RAM then some software will possibly not run at all or may run quite slowly. When a laptop is switched off the RAM will get rid of all its data, thus it only behaves as a momentary store for data once the laptop is fired up. Usually, a user will replaced RAM to enhance the sheer number of software applications which might be efficiently run on a laptop; once in a while however RAM will go wrong, and is swapped out to mend a flaw on a laptop.

The RAM chip or chips in most laptops are situated within small plastic door, attached with anchoring screws, on the bottom part of your laptop. Make use of a small cross point screw driver to take out the anchoring screws and open the door to show the RAM. Many of the older laptops provide an supplemental or perhaps one RAM chip situated under the keyboard; to locate this the laptop keyboard should be removed. It is considerably more hard to remove the keyboard, so professional help may be needed at that point.

Before starting you must decide how much additional RAM to install; if you do not know how much is present before the upgrade take a look in Windows System Information in which the RAM size will be revealed. RAM ought to always be doubled during an upgrade as this should result in a substantial increase in your laptop's overall performance. For example, assuming you have 1gb of RAM by means of one chip then you need to add an additional 1gb of RAM chip, however, if the existing RAM incorporates a pair of chips then both would require replacing with 1gb capacity chips. It is usually safer to deploy a couple of identical RAM chips rather than a single or two odd chips because this makes a a whole lot more reliable and quite often faster combination. When removing and installing RAM chips make sure you use a small amount of force as the sockets are easily damaged.

There are three varieties of RAM chip currently seen on today's laptops; DDR1,2 and 3. Also there are several speeds of RAM chip. Whenever updating your laptop it is critical that the correct form of chip is utilized; they all have a unique connection so endeavoring to use the incorrect one would definitely damage the connector on the laptop. The speed of the chip is not really so important, but it would be wise to purchase the exact speed as is recommended. These details is available on the vendor's web site and most RAM chip retail stores have details of which chip is required for every single make and model of laptop. Once you have placed the chips in their sockets investigate carefully that they are uniformly affixed; replace the examination door, battery and power pack and start your laptop. Ideally its going to power up; if so , make certain the RAM exhibited matches up with the quantity of RAM added. If not then turn off the laptop and check again that the chips are fitted correctly.

Raising the RAM on a laptop is generally a cheap approach to boost its efficiency however care and attention should be used as forcing a RAM chip into a socket may well lead to a really expensive repair to the laptop.

Fixing broken and damaged laptops for quit some time Graham Kelly has become an expert in the field of laptop repair and USB RAM drive repair. To help laptop end users identify and tackle simple fixes he has published numerous easy to follow articles or reviews. He is always delighted to provide practical assistance and may be emailed at Trilogic's online site for laptop motherboard repair or pen drive repair .


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