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Cyborg RAT 7 Review


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First Impression

Well I have to say that seeing the RAT line of mice for the first time totally blew me away. I finally have found a mouse design that takes into consideration your 2 outside fingers that usually end up dragging on the mouse pad making aiming a very difficult thing to do. Not to mention all of the other great design features built into these mice.

The first thing you notice looking at the RAT 7 is the non solid look it has and I mean that in a good way. Each section of the mouse is adjustable or interchangeable with other parts and it kind of looks like a transformer mouse.

The Frame

The frame of this mouse is made from solid lightweight aluminum which creates a very stiff and rigid core. Inside of this core is where the five 6 gram weights are kept that allow you to add or subtract weight to give you a perfect feel. If you don't use all of the weights at once the extras can be stored in a supplied case.


The Cyborg RAT 7 is one of those high end gaming mice that comes with 5600 dpi sensitivity along with a new generation “twin Eye Laser" sensor that has the ability to read each axis separately and can track up to 5.4 meters per second. No matter where you set your sensitivity the RAT 7 will always track precisely.

Grip Position

Whether you grip your mouse by the palm or the claw method you will be able to find the perfect ergonomic fit for your hand. The RAT can be adjusted in its length by moving the palm piece in and out. Also, the thumb plate can adjusted in and out from the body and forwards and backwards to give you perfect positioning for your thumb. In addition to these adjustments you can choose between 3 pinky plates for want of a better word that keep your outer 2 fingers off of the mouse pad. One plate is far wider than the other so personal preference will play a role here.

A Weighty Issue

As mentioned earlier, this mouse comes with five 6 gram weights that can be accessed from the rear of the body. Simply unscrew the rear nut and install or remove the weights to the amount that you find comfortable. One of the neat things that this mouse has is a tool that sits in the rear and can be accessed by unscrewing it. With this tool you can adjust all the plates by turning adjustment screws in or out. When you are done just replace it so you never lose it.

The Buttons

This mouse gives you 6 programmable buttons along with the 2 left and right keys on top. The thumb scroll wheel can be configured to do whatever you want like change weapons, spells or whatever you want.

Smart Technology Software

This mouse has 4 dpi settings that max out at 5600 dpi, 3 savable profiles and 1 button on the thumb that I call the “sniper shot" button. When you see your target and are going to set your cross hairs on it press this button and it will automatically decrease your sensitivity by 50% so you’re not going back and forth trying to get the target lined up. A great Idea! The only drawback to this design is that the profiles are saved and if you unplug it and move to another computer you have to reload the software on that computer as well as nothing is saved in the mouse.

An Overview of What it does

Three types and sizes of palm grips to choose from.
Three Swappable pinky grips to use.
Thumb rest is able to be moved in and out also up and down.
The unit is weight able, this is most important in gaming.
Left and Right click
Center click
Center scroll wheel
Thumb scroll (two way “up/down")
Forward and back buttons
What I call the “sniper shot" button on the thumb.
Mouse profile button
Dpi up and down

This mouse when set up for your hand will most likely be the most comfortable mouse you have used to date. If you have a problem with your current mouse with your fingers dragging on the pad then this mouse will solve that. You also get a storage case that comes with the mouse to keep all the parts that you are not using in a safe place.

My name is Allan Stewart and I have several websites dedicated to health and well being for people and pets as well as product information. Want to learn more about Saitek products, go to: Saitek Cyborg Command Unit Or visit my website at Saitek Cyborg for more information about Saitek products.


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